Searching for Excellence & Diversity Top Ten Tips

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Searching for Excellence & Diversity

Top Ten Tips

  • Run efficient meetings and empower all committee members.

  • Assign tasks and hold committee members accountable.

  • Air views about diversity and other controversial issues.

  • Identify people and places who can refer you to potential candidates.

  • Search broadly and inclusively, save sifting and winnowing for later.

  • Recruit aggressively and make personal contact with potential candidates.

  • Discuss research on assumptions and biases and consciously strive to minimize their influence on your evaluation of candidates.

  • Ensure that every candidate interviewed on campus – whether hired or not – is respected and treated well during their visit.

How to Build a Diverse Pool of Candidates

  • Develop a broad definition of the position and the desired scholarship, experience, and disciplinary background.

  • Consider including “experience working with/teaching diverse groups/diverse students” as one of your preferred criteria.

  • Make calls and send emails or letters to a wide range of contacts asking for potential candidates. Ask specifically if they have diverse candidates to recommend.

  • Make an effort to identify contacts who have diverse backgrounds or experiences.

  • Make lists of professional meetings, professional societies, members of these societies, etc, and use them to recruit candidates.

  • Call potential candidates directly to encourage them to apply.

  • Remember to actively involve your search committee members and delegate specific tasks to them. For example, ask each member of your search committee to call ten colleagues and ask them to recommend three (3) potential candidates.

  • Above all, remember that at this point your goal is to EXPAND your pool of potential candidates.

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