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Searchable Items at the West Lincoln Archives

Cemetery Transcripts by OGS

Caistor Township Cemeteries

Abington Cemetery OGS #3364

Bethel Cemetery OGS #3365

Caistor Baptist Cemetery OGS #3367

Caistorville United Church Cemetery OGS #3374

Cosby Family Cemetery OGS #3366

Dochstader Cemetery OGS #3368

Hallet Burial Plot OGS #6069

Ker United Church Cemetery OGS #3370

Lymburner Cemetery OGS #3369

Merritt United Church Cemetery OGS #3371

Roy Cemetery OGS #3372

Waite Cemetery OGS #3376

Zion Cemetery aka Springstead or Burkholder Cemetery OGS #3373

Gainsborough Cemeteries

Bethel Winslow Cemetery OGS #3328

Bismark Cemetery OGS #3320

Elcho Cemetery OGS #3321

Grace United Church Cemetery OGS #3322

Johnson Cemetery OGS #3378

Aka Dawdy, Lampman, Spiece Cemetery

Lampman Plot OGS #6260

Heaslip Cemetery OGS #3323

Lane Cemetery OGS #3324

Lane Cemetery 1993 – 2009 from burial permits transcribed by Dorothy Brewer

McCaffrey Cemetery OGS #3325

Mingle Hill Cemetery OGS #3326

St. Ann's Presbyterian Church Cemetery OGS #3327

South Grimsby Cemeteries

Fulton Stone United Church Cemetery OGS #3336

Kimbo Free Methodist Church Cemetery OGS #3337

Merritt Settlement Burying Ground Bassingstoke Cemetery OGS #3338

St. Luke's Anglican Churchyard Cemetery Smithville OGS #3341

St. Martin DeTours Cemetery Smithville (OGS #3342 )

Smithville United Church Cemetery Smithville 1991 OGS #3339

Union Cemetery Smithville 1991 OGS #3340

Other Lincoln County Cemeteries available for searching

Assorted Cemeteries from Lincoln County OGS #M026

Beamsville First Baptist Church Cemetery, Beamsville Clinton Twp OGS # 3379

Bellinger & Corus Family Cemetery, Niagara Twp OGS #5894

Campden Mennonite Cemetery, Clinton Twp OGS #3380

Eden Cemetery, Clinton Twp OGS #3381

Grimsby Cemeteries Early Burying Grounds Grimsby Twp ---

Homer "At the Ten Mile Creek", Grantham Twp. OGS#3352

Johnson Cemetery Clinton Twp OGS #3378

Johnson Cemetery Clinton Twp with photos by Dorothy Ziemnaik nee Gee

Mountain Presbyterian Church Cemetery aka Marlatt or Konkle Cemetery Clinton Twp. OGS #3382

Mount Osborne Cemetery Beamsville, Clinton Twp OGS #3384

Neutral Indian Burying Ground, Grimsby Twp OGS #6205

Old Thirty Methodist Church Cemetery Grimsby Twp. OGS #3333

Quarry Road Cemetery Clinton Twp OGS #3385

Queen’s Lawn Cemetery Plans A,B,C,D,&E. Grimsby Twp OGS #3334

Schram – Tinlin Cemetery, Louth Twp. OGS # 3312

St. Andrews's Anglican Church Cemetery, Grimsby Twp OGS #3330

Trinity Church Cemetery, Grimsby Twp. OGS #3332

Vineland Mennonite Cemetery aka Moyers or Old Mennonite Burying Grounds Clinton Twp OGS #3386

Vineland II Mennonite Cemetery Clinton Twp. OGS #6271

Warner Cemetery (directions to only)

Haldimand County Cemeteries

Canborough Cemetery, Canborough Twp OGS # 2137

Decew/Young Cemetery, Oneida Twp. ISBN #0-7779-1086-1

Diltz Road Cemetery Moulton Twp. OGS #8382

Jubilee Cemetery Oneida Twp. OGS #2183

Kirk Cemetery, Moulton Twp OGS #2177

Private Burial Plots Various Locations ISBN #1-55116-439-6

McCollom Cemetery, Canborough Twp

Moote Cemetery, Canborough Twp

Mount Carmel Cemetery, Moulton Twp (Ontario Register – on-line)

Mt. Healy Cemetery, Oneida Twp. OGS #2184

Melick Cemetery, Canborough Twp. OGS #2139

Rainham Center Baptist Cemetery, Rainham Twp ISBN 31-55116-439-6

Riverside Cemetery, Dunnville OGS #2167 (complete)

St. Michael’s RC. Cemetery, Dunnville OGS #2168

St. Paul’s Anglican Cemetery, Caledonia Seneca Twp OGS #5720

South Cayuga Ev. U. Breth Cemetery, S. Cayuga Twp. OGS #2159

South Cayuga Mennonite Cemetery, S. Cayuga Twp (partial transcript)

Thompson/Ruthven Cemetery, Seneca Twp. ISBN #0-7779-1037-X

Welland County Cemeteries

Beaver Dams OGS #4668 & Smith aka DeCew Cemeteries, Thorold Twp OGS #4673

Old Dawdy Cemetery, (Now Hillside Cemetery) Pelham Twp (From internet)

Swayze Family Cemetery, Pelham Twp OGS #5752

Riverside Cemetery, Wainfleet Twp (From internet)

Upper Family Cemetery, Allenburg Thorold Twp. OGS #4677

Wellandport/Riverside Cemetery (revised) Wainfleet Twp OGS #4685

Zion Cemetery, Bertie Twp (Ontario Register – on-line)

Wentworth County Cemeteries

Anshe Sholom Cemetery, Hamilton ON. OGS #311

Auld Kirk Cemetery, Binbrook Twp OGS #5612

Barton Stone United Church Cemetery, Barton Twp OGS #4466

Barton Union Cemetery, (aka Barton Graveyard, St. Peter's Cemetery), Barton Twp (From internet)

Bethel Methodist Cemetery, Ancaster Twp OGS #4380

Bethesda United Church Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4382

Binbrook Baptist Cemetery, Binbrook Twp. OGS #4418

Binbrook United Church Cemetery, Binbrook Twp OGS #4419

Blackheath United Church Cemetery, Binbrook Twp OGS #4420

Book Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4380

Book Cemetery Heritage Act Designation Info from Hamilton (with photos)

Bowman United Church Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4383

Burkholder U.C. Cemetery, Barton Twp. OGS #4463

Chapel Hill Cemetery Part 1 of 3, Glanbrook Twp. OGS #152-1

Chapel Hill Cemetery Part 2 of 3, Glanbrook Twp. OGS #152-2

Chapel Hill Cemetery Part 3 of 3, Glanbrook Twp. OGS #152-3

Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Woodburn, Binbrook Twp. OGS #4422

Christ Church Cathedral, Hamilton OGS #6552

Copetown Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4936

East Plains United Church Cemetery, East Flamborough Twp OGS #4427

Felker Cemetery, Saltfleet Twp. OGS #4476

Fifty Cemetery, Saltfleet Twp OGS #4483

Files Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4391

Fruitland United Church Cemetery, Saltfleet Twp OGS #4478

Garner’s Cemetery, Ancaster Twp OGS #4387

Henry Binkley Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #6195

Jerseyville Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4388

Knox Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Binbrook Twp OGS #4423

Marx Binkley Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #6195

Mount Albion Cemetery, Saltfleet Township Editions 1 and 2 OGS #4479

Mount Mary Immaculate Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4390

Myres Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4948

Pepper Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #--

Shaver Family Cemetery, Ancaster Twp OGS #4392

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4393

St. George's Anglican Cemetery, Saltfleet Twp OGS #4482

St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Ancaster Village OGS #4395

St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Binbrook Twp. OGS #--

St. Peter's Cemetery, (aka Rymal, Barton Union, Old Barton), Hamilton OGS #4466

St. Paul’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Glanford Twp. OGS #4458

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Cemetery, Hamilton OGS #6553

Stenbaugh Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4394

Stoney Creek Municipal Cemetery, Saltfleet Twp OGS #4468

Smuck (Salem) Cemetery, Glanford Twp. OGS #213

Swayze Cemetery, Binbrook Twp OGS #4425

Tapleytown United Church Cemetery, Saltfleet Twp OGS #4480

Trinity United Church Cemetery, Glanford Twp OGS #215 (plus one from internet)

Tweedside Cemetery, Saltfleet Twp OGS #4481

Waterdown Cemetery, (aka Union Cemetery), Flamborough Twp. OGS #4486

White Brick Church Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4398

Zion Hill United Church Cemetery, Ancaster Twp. OGS #4399

Other area Cemeteries

Abandoned Cemetery, Dereham Township, Oxford Co. (very old copy pre OGS #)

Burford Congregational Church Cemetery, Burford Brant Co. OGS # 173

Harris Street Cemetery Ingersoll Oxford Co. (very old copy pre OGS #)

Photographed Cemetery Records

Fulton Stone United Church Cemetery South Grimsby Twp photographed 2008

Cemetery Collections donated by G. Everett Lampman UE
Book 1

Shram Family Plot Pelham Twp OGS# 5751

Indian Ossuary Stamford Twp OGS # 6225

Crow Plot Pelham Twp OGS #6256

Becket Plot Pelham Twp OGS # 6257

McEown Family Burial Ground Wainfleet Twp OGS #6279

Overholt Cemetery Thorold Twp OGS #5897

Stevens Family Burial Ground Niagara Twp OGS #3359

Chrysler Family Burial Plot Niagara Twp OGS #3348

Deniston Street Cemetery Crowland Twp OGS #5895

Hutt Brown Burial Place Stamford Twp OGS #5621

(Abandoned) Lee Plot Willoughby Twp OGS #5741

Lutes Farm Plot Willoughby Twp OGS #4695

Schram-Tinlin Burial Ground Louth Twp OGS #3312

Nicholas Smith Family Burial Ground Louth Twp OGS #5889

Lincoln County Home Cemetery Grantham Twp OGS #3290

Tenbroek Family Burial Ground Grantham Twp OGS #3296

Drummond Hill Cemetery Plot Holders Niagara Falls

Mountview Cemetery aka Evangelical Mennonite Campden Clinton Twp OGS # 3383
Book 2

Jordon Mennonite Cemetery aka Haines Cemetery Louth Twp OGS #3306

Gregory Family Burial Place Louth Twp OGS #3308

Quarry Road Cemetery aka Dean Cemetery OGS #3385

Snure Cemetery aka Disciples Church Cemetery Louth Twp OGS #3303

Windmill Point Church of Christ (Disciples) Cemetery Bertie Twp OGS #4609

Young – Misener Cemetery Crowland Twp OGS #4629

St. John’s West Cemetery Thorold Twp OGS #4674

Dell Cemetery Niagara Falls OGS #4696

Butler Family Burying Ground Niagara Twp OGS #3345

Hansler Cemetery Pelham Twp OGS #4653

Five Willoughby Township Cemeteries in one booklet

Willick Burial Ground Willoughby Twp OGS #5754

Gonder Cemetery Willoughby Twp OGS #

Lapp Cemetery Willoughby Twp OGS #4699

Miller Cemetery Willoughby Twp OGS #

Bossert Road Cemetery Willoughby Tpw OGS #

The Little Cemetery Around The Corner” aka The Coloured Cemetery, The Curtis Road Cemetery, The Dennahower Cemetery Bertie Twp OGS #4610

Three Queens Lawn Cemetery Grimsby Obits Sinclair Mackie, Hugh Topp, Paul A Brezay

Three Mount Osborne Cemetery Beamsville Obits Ella May Black, Anne Helen Givens, Cyril C. Lampman

Family Trees available for Research

c/b = compiled by d/b = donated by
Atkinson, Atkinson Family History c-b Harvey Spittal on loan from Everett Lampman

Beamer , Beamer Lore Update 1928-1999 c/b Janice Norma (Cambell) Gillian

Beamer , Henry Beamer 1730 – 1833 (2006) c/b + d/b Ozmo “Ozzie” S. Laakso

Bartlett, A Family History c/b Olive Theal nee Bartlett for Valmer Bartlett b. 1948

Baxter, The Baxters of Bertie c/b Ken McNabb & Mary Butler

Bellinger/Bowman, Jacob Bellinger b 1749 m Margaret Bowman c/b & d/b D. Fortman

Black, Descendants of William Black & Mary Elizabeth Doake c/b Linda Lowrey

Book , Conrad Book 1747 – 1804 (2009) c/b + d/b Ozmo “Ozzie” S. Laakso

Book, Family Records Collected by Herbert V Book, photocopy d/b Everett Lampman

Book , Jacob Book 1743 – 1824 (2006) c/b + d/b Ozmo “Ozzie” S. Laakso

Book , John Book 1754 – 1827 (2009) c/b + d/b Ozmo “Ozzie” S. Laakso

Book , + (With Beamer, Comfort, Dean, Disher, Flach, Kennedy, Merritt, Mingle, Moore, Slough, Snyder, Teeter, Travis, Wilcox, Wilkinson, & Zimmerman) [Hansel”s #3 manuscript] d/b Bill Zimmerman

Campbell , Campbell Family History from Ireland d/b John Mitchell Campbell via e-mail

Carter, Dr. Job Carter c/b & d/b Sherry Bell

Chadwick/Shadwick Chadwick Descendants c/b + d/b Donna Fortman

Clement, Clement Family History-Family Charts & Maps c-b Leonard J. Harris d-b Joan Martin (for information only not to be copied)

Comfort, John Comfort 1700? 1790 John Comfort & Nancy Johnson Descendants (2009) c/b + d/b Ozmo “Ozzie” S. Laakso

Comfort, John Comfort of New Marboro NY and Niagara c/b Maurice E. Comfort & Lesley J. Pergau

Comfort, The Comfort Family c/b E. Diane Young

Coon , Coon Family History 2 Binders d/b Deboreh Coon-Peterson

Coon, Diary of Alva A. Coon 1888 Caistor Abington P.O. d/b Deboreh Coon-Peterson

Copeland, Cutler McCollom & Railton d/b Fred Burwell

Corson, Daniel Corson 1763 - 1849 from internet d/b Bill Zimmerman

Cosby & Collins Orpha Ann Cosby w Michael Patrick Collins d/b Laurence Cosby

Crooks, James Crooks c/b + d/b student James R. Crooks

Chrysler, Chrysler & Other Early Settlers in the Township of Niagara c-b J.M. Crysler d-b WLHS in memory of Nellie Syers & John Haining

Doan, Descendants of Aaron Doan c/b Jerry Fisher UE d/b Donna Fortman in memory of Jerry Fisher

Dalrymple, John Dalrymple & Margaret Hannay of Glen Luce Scotland c/b John Anderson Dalrymple d/b Helen Johnson

Disher, + (Wilkinson, Flach, & Dean) d/b Bill Zimmerman

Disher, Disher Family Notes c/b & d/b Dennis Gannon

Deboer, Family Album 1997 d/b Pauline Young

Davis, Family Ties Descendants of John Davis b. c 1633 with Thaddeus Davis & Deborah Hall s/b Brenda Davis d/b Larry & Brenda Davis

Davis, 1867-1890 Descendants of William Bridgeman Davis & Jessica Wilhelmine Hildreth d/b Murray Davis

Daw,, Descendants of John Daw (2002 & 2004 versions) c/b Herbert A. Proudley d/b Margaret Book

Dawdy, James Dawdy 1736 – 1824 Family Tree (2009) c/b + d/b Ozmo “Ozzie” S. Laakso


Dtisher, William Disher 1758 – 1850 Family Tree (2009) c/b + d/b Ozmo “Ozzie” S. Laakso

Disher, + (With Merritt, Flach, Wilkinson, Book, Comfort, Dean, Kennedy, Mingle Moore, SE

Etherington, Descendants of George Etherington c-b Kerry Weylie d-b Grimsby Historical Society and Archives

Etherington. Descendants of John Etherington c-b Kerry Weylie d-b Grimsby Historical Society and Archives

Etherington, Descendants of Thomas Etherington c-b Kerry Weylie d-b Grimsby Historical Society and Archives

Evans, Evans Family History c/b & d/b Elizabeth Robbins

Evans, Abraham Evans c. 1760 & Sarah Brewer c. 1765 c/b + d/b Elizabeth Robbins Riley

Field, Descendants - Sweet Lands of Liberty c/b + d/b William S. Field

Field, Descendants c/b + d/b James Roszell UE

Flewelling Smith Flewelling c/b & d/b Sherry Bell

Foster/Flewelling, Descendants c/b + d/b Jack Peltier

Griffin, Family c/b + d/b Jim Roszell UE

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