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Chinese immigration
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chinese and immigrants

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asian and immigrants

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Mexican immigration
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hispanic americans and farm workers

Selected Library Books on Chinese American History

Currently held at the Reserve Desk (3rd floor).

A place called Chinese America / Diane Mei Lin Mark and Ginger Chih.
At America's gates : Chinese immigration during the exclusion era, 1882-1943 / Erika Lee.
The Chinese experience in America / Shih-shan Henry Tsai.
The Chinese in America : a narrative history / Iris Chang.
The Chinese / C.J. Shane.
Claiming America : constructing Chinese American identities during the exclusion era / K. Scott Wong and Sucheng Chan.

Mountain of gold : the story of the Chinese in America / Betty Lee Sung.
Unbound voices : a documentary history of Chinese women in San Francisco / Judy Yung


  1. If you need additional sources, use the subject headings listed in the orientation handout. The Library has many other books on your topic!

  2. Books on the Chinese way of life (mainland China) – which may not have changed much since the 19th century – might help you understand the culture that the early Chinese settlers brought with them to California.

Example: Encountering the Chinese: A Guide for Americans

DS721.H71114 1999 (Library, 4th floor)

  1. The Library also has family histories of the Chinese Americans, for example,

On Gold Mountain. F870.C5S44 1995 (Library, 4th floor)

Websites on Chinese American History
Ancestors in the Americas

A PBS production (1998) shows the history and legacy of early Asian immigration to the Americas, from the 1700s to the 1900s. Click on “Programs” to start and then explore the various Web pages and links.

Angel Island Immigration Station

Angel Island was the entry point for Asian immigrants to California in the 19th century and is thus the West Coast equivalent of Ellis Island.

Museum of the City of San Francisco

This page from the site’s index provides links to original documents and illustrations in the Museum that deal with the Chinese experience in San Francisco.

Chinese Americans in California

From a 1988 National Parks Service publication titled Five Views, this report depicts the early decades of Chinese American history from 1850 to 1900.

Chinese History in the U.S.A. – A Short History of the Chinese in San Diego, California

An account written by a member of the Chinese Historical Society of Greater San Diego and Baja California (1996).

Chinese Americans in Los Angeles: A Brief History and Timeline

From the Museum of Chinese American History in Los Angeles.

Chinatown Resource Guide

This companion site to a PBS show on San Francisco’s Chinatown features a short history as well as suggestions for class projects.

Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

Click on “Historical timeline” for highlights of Chinese American history, then on “19th Century Shrine” which focuses on how the Chinese in Los Angeles suffered from discrimination even in death.

Selected Library Books on Mexican American History (Library, 4th floor)
E184.M5G34 2002
The Mexican Americans / Alma M. Garcia
E184.M5G645 2003
A century of Chicano history : empire, nations, and migration / Gilbert G. Gonzalez, Raul A. Fernandez
E184.M5M456 1993
Mexican Americans, American Mexicans : from Conquistadors to Chicanos / Matt S. Meier and Feliciano Ribera
E184.M5M49 2005
The Mexicans / C.J. Shane
E184.S75D85 1998
The Spanish speakers in the United States : a history / Peter J. Duignan and L.H. Gann
F790.M5M37 2001
Mexican-origin people in the United States : a topical history / Oscar J. Martínez
F869.L89A253 2001
A world of its own : race, labor, and citrus in the making of greater Los Angeles, 1900-1970 / Matt García
HD1525.C63 1971
"Wetbacks" and braceros: Mexican migrant laborers and American immigration policy, 1930-1960
HD1527.C2G84 1994
Mexican workers and American dreams : immigration, repatriation, and California farm labor, 1900-1939 / Camille Guerin-Gonzales
HD6509.C48F47 1997
The fight in the fields : Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers movement / Susan Ferriss and Ricardo Sandoval
JV6471.P67 2001
Legacies : the story of the immigrant second generation / Alejandro Portes, Rubén G. Rumbaut
JV6895.M48C37 2003
Mexican emigration to the United States, 1897-1931 : socio-economic patterns / Lawrence A. Cardoso

Websites on Mexican American History
United Farm Workers

Click on Research for history, white papers, and other interesting links.

Mexican Immigrant Labor History

This section of the PBS program “The Border” looks at the long history of Mexican labor in the United States.

Los Braceros 1942-1964
Gilder Lehrman Explorations:

Steve Mintz, history professor at the University of Houston, provides a guide to the Gilder Lehrman Institute’s resources on Mexican-American history.

CLNet History Resources

Various Mexican American social movements are covered in this 1995 site.

Mexican/Chicano History

Contains links to Chicano history sites, including Olvera Street and Zoot Suit Riots info.

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