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Equality and Human Rights

Screening Template

January 2012

DARD Equality and Human Rights

Screening Template

DARD has a statutory duty to screen. This includes our strategies and plans, policies, legislative developments; and new ways of working such as – the introduction, change or end of an existing service, grant funding arrangement or facility. This screening template is designed to help business areas consider the likely equality and human rights impacts of their proposed decisions on different groups of customers, service users, staff and visitors.

Before carrying out an equality screening exercise it is important that you have received the necessary training first. To find out about the training needed, contact - All screening exercises must be supported by evidence and cleared at Grade 3 level.

The accompanying Screening Guidance note provides straightforward advice on how to carry out equality screening exercises. Detailed information about the Section 75 equality duties1 and what they mean in practice is available on the Equality Commission’s website.

The screening template has 4 sections to complete. These are:

Section A - asks you to provide details about the policy / decision that is being screened.

Section B - has 4 key questions that require you to outline the likely impacts on equality groups, and all supporting evidence.

Section C - has 4 key questions in relation to obligations under the Disability Discrimination Order and the Human Rights Act.

Section D - is the formal record of the screening decision.

Section A

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