Scout sniper team leaders course

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Command screening checklist
1. pURPOSE: To prepare Marines and other services with Scout Sniper training in preparation for duty as a Team Leader within a Scout Sniper platoon of an infantry battalion or within reconnaissance units.
2. Scope: This course includes instruction in supporting arms, mission planning, sniper operations, field computer and marksmanship.
3. Information: In order to preclude Marines from being turned away upon arrival, it is necessary that COMMANDERS ENSURE THEIR MARINES SATISFY ENROLLMENT PREREQUISITES.
4. Action: One copy of this checklist, completed by the Platoon Sergeant and signed by the Battalion Commander, will be placed with the students BIR/BTR and orders prior to TAD assignment. Incomplete or unsigned checklists will result in the Marine needing to contact his command to complete the checklist. In order to be enrolled in the course, the student must have the completed checklist prior to the end of training day one.
NAME: ______________________________________ GRADE: __________________
SSN: ________________________ UNIT: _______________________


1. Appropriate grade, Cpl through ______/______ Rank: _________

GySgt. Officers MOS 0302 or 0203

that have the additional MOS of 0317 DOR: __________

are waiverable based on space availability

(contact the OIC or SNCOIC of the School).

2. Appropriate MOS, must be a graduate ______/______ MOS: __________

Of the Scout Sniper Basic Course, MOS

0317. Must show completion of SSBC in

3. Agreement to serve the minimum ______/______ EAS: __________

obligated service of 24 months upon

completion of school. Reservists

will be available for the unit’s

next deployment.

4. No Court Martial or NJP within ______/______ _________________

the last six months.

5. Must have a current documented ______/______ PFT Score: ______

1st class PFT. Will be required to

score a 1st class PFT on the course Date: _________

convening date.

6. Must meet Marine Corps height ______/______ Height: _________

and weight standards upon reporting

to the course. Weight: _________
BF%: _________
Date: _________

7. Full duty status. No existing ______/______ Date: __________

or recurring medical problems and

no history of mental problems or Signature:

disorders. _________________
Medical Officers


8. No existing family or financial ______/______ _________________

problems that would preclude the

Marine from completing the course.
9. Must be a volunteer serving in ______/______ _________________

or designated for assignment to a

Scout Sniper Team Leader billet.
10. Sgt’s and above must have a TD ______/______ _________________

fitness report upon arrival.

11. Must check in with orders, BIR/BTR, ______/______ _________________

Health and Dental Records, & command

screening checklist.
1. By initialing below I indicate that this Marine has demonstrated proficiency in each of the following areas:
______ a. Has the knowledge and skills for writing Combat Reports IAW FMFM 6-4 and MCWP 3-11.2.
______ b. Has the knowledge and skills to write and issue a complete Combat

Order IAW FMFM 6-4 and MCWP 3-11.2.

______ c. Familiar with Land Navigation IAW FM 21-26.
______ d. Plan for and call supporting arms IAW MCWP 3-16 and MCWP 3-16.6.

I have personally screened this Marine and certify that he meets all the requirements for enrollment as a student in the Scout Sniper Course.

Platoon Sergeant

Print Name: ______________________________ Rank: __________

Signature: _______________________________ Date: __________

Platoon Commander

Print Name: ______________________________ Rank: __________

Signature: _______________________________ Date: __________

Company 1stSgt

Print Name: ______________________________ Rank: __________

Signature: _______________________________ Date: __________

Company Commander

Print Name: ______________________________ Rank: __________

Signature: _______________________________ Date: __________

Battalion Sergeant Major

Print Name: ______________________________ Rank: __________

Signature: _______________________________ Date: __________

Battalion Commander

Print Name: ______________________________ Rank: __________

Signature: _______________________________ Date: __________

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