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Length: 3000 words Option 1

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Length: 3000 words

Option 1: individual essays. Students each write their own separate essays, drawing on information from and activities of the group.

Option 2: combined essays. Two or three students (no more) can, by mutual agreement, submit a single essay. The word limit is the same. Joint authors should say how marks are to be allocated (equally or some specified non-equal manner).

You should submit a full-length draft. I will give you detailed comments on cassette tape. You then make revisions. The final revised essay will be marked by someone else.

Due date for draft: 3.30pm Monday 21 October

Due date for final version: noon Monday 11 November

Where: in class (21 October), under the door to my office (19.2059) or in my mail box in room 19.1048. Alternatively, mail the essay to me by express post no later than noon of the due date.

Essay drafts, received on time and if full length, will receive the same mark as the essay.

Resubmission Anyone whose essay does not receive a mark of 50 or more will have the option of resubmitting it.

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