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Science Fiction Texts and Dreams by Langston Hughes
Every individual needs a passion to nourish their soul and make them feel whole as a person. This idea is seen across two different genres. Selections in the science fiction genre show a young girl’s passion to return to earth after living on Venus for several years and the second story shows a lighthouse keeper’s passion for the sea. Finally, the poet Langston Hughes facilitates the message of following ones dreams through his poetry.
In All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury Margot’s passion was the sun. When she was deprived of this one thing that made her feel whole, that nourished her emotionally and physically she became like a withered flower. She removed herself from the other children. In the text it says she was a “faded photograph.”
In The Foghorn by Ray Bradbury the sea was the passion that nourished McDunn’s soul, that made him feel whole. He loved to tell stories to Johnny about the sea. McDunn was in awe of the sea and would never leave his job as lighthouse keeper. Even after the attack by the sea monster McDunn remained on in his job. His passion for the sea is evident when he thoughtfully says to Johnny, “The mysteries of the sea. You know the ocean’s the biggest snowflake ever? It rolls and swells a thousand shapes and colors, no two alike.” He also refers to the fish that swim to the lighthouse in swarms as felling like “they were in the presence” when in front of the lighthouse. The reader can see that without his job and his ability to awaken to the sea each day McDunn would not feel whole. He would be similar to Margot on Venus, an empty shell.
Finally Langston Hughes the famous African American writer and poet uses poetry to nourish his soul. Through his poem Dreams Hughes shows how despite life’s obstacles one should “Hold fast to dreams.” Hughes shares his passion for the culture of his people through his poems.
The reader can clearly see that the central idea of, “Every individual needs a passion to nourish their soul and make them feel whole as a person,” is evident in all three texts. Margot’s passion for the sun and her life on earth deeply effects her, McDunn’s passion for the sea won’t allow him to ever leave despite it’s dangers and Hughes’s passion for writing enabled him to create great works of poetry. Everyone needs a passion that drives them and brings them joy.
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