Science animals including Humans

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Animals including Humans

We will be learning about how humans digest their food, and comparing this to how animals digest their food (along with the diets).

We will be learning about where food comes from, in terms of predators, prey and producers.


Programming Kodu

We will be learning about algorithms and programming a kodu ‘bot’ to move around the ‘world’ that we create on Kodu.


This half term we will be basing our learning around The Romans. We will be learning about who The Romans were, what they did for us and how they lived their lives – their day to day lives compared to those in war situations.

We have a trip booked to Lullingstone roman Villa.


We will be focusing on mental maths this half term. Along with blocks A3 and B3 (Like

counting, partitioning and calculating and securing number facts and understanding shape).


This half term we will be focusing on History.

France vs England

Skills Map

Year 4

Barnehurst Federation

Year Group: 4 Start Date: Summer 1 End Date: Summer 2


We will be looking at the value of community and how we demonstrate this in every day school life. We will then link our SMSC learning to the Values WOW day planned for this half term.


In RE this half term we will be recapping our knowledge of Islam from Spring. We will then be exploring the importance of prayer to Muslim, how they worship Allah and how Muslims celebrate the end of the month of Ramamdan. Key words this half term will include prayer (salat), fasting (sawn), charity (zakat) and pilgrimage (hajj).


Continuing violin and trumpet lessons


This half term in English, we will be exploring our core text, The Shadow Children, in more detail. This is a text written by Steven Schnur and details the aftermath of the Second World War in a small town called Mont Brulant in France. We will be relating the theme of this story to personal experience (loss, new beginnings etc.) and writing an autobiographical account reflecting this theme. Furthermore, we will be creating a flowchart to explain how a new invention works!


Cross-curricular link with our Romans History lessons.

We will be using ICT and other resources to research mosaics to find designs to make our own mosaics in school.


Verne – Invasion


Kipling – Swimming



In Spanish this half term we will continue practicing the four skills- listening, reading, writing and speaking. We will focus more on reading Spanish texts and translating them into English in order to improve our writing.

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