School Security: Lessons from the Past and Suggestions for the Future

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Statistics on Terrorism

The following graphs and charts show a very interesting correlation between the amount of terrorist attacks and the damage they inflict. As you will see, the overall number of attacks has almost doubled; the amount of fatalities from these attacks has increased almost ten times, and the number of casualties is equally staggering. This clearly says one thing, while the attacks may not be that numerous, the effectiveness of each attack is growing. Now more than ever, it is imperative that our nation be prepared for any and all types of terrorist attacks. “Numbers tell you about the plots that succeeded, but to gauge the threat, we also need a sense of the jihadists' ambition. In the last two years, serious terrorist conspiracies have been uncovered in Denmark, Germany, and the United Kingdom, among other places. The Heathrow plot, whose alleged conspirators are now on trial in London, involved an effort to blow up seven widebody planes flying trans-Atlantic routes. Had it succeeded, there would likely have been quadruple-digit fatalities, and commercial aviation would have been severely disrupted. In all these cases, the possession of a sanctuary in the tribal areas gave al-Qaida the opportunity to play a critical role in setting events in motion. This is not a group that is thinking small.” (Benjamin)

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