School Security: Lessons from the Past and Suggestions for the Future

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A brief Biography:

I am the son of Phil and Cindy Zimmerman of Quincy, IL. I am a graduate of Western Illinois University. I received my degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration and a minor in Forensic Psychology. With my mom being a teacher, school security is a subject that has personal relevance. After the 9/11 attack on our nation, America was awakened to the realization that terrorism can strike anywhere and at anytime. Now, more than ever, we as a nation have to educate ourselves about proper safety techniques and come up with new ways to protect our families, communities, and our future generations. This paper is dedicated to the men and women of our emergency response services who tirelessly come to our rescue and puts their lives on the line every single day. I also wish to give a special thank you to my parents who have always been very supportive and have always pushed me to do my best.

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