School Security: Lessons from the Past and Suggestions for the Future

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Threats against the United States or any nation for that matter have to be taken seriously. Our most precious resource is our children who will strive to continue to make this nation as great as it is. We must not settle for mediocre security measure for our most valued assets. Schools must be proactive instead of being reactive and must learn from other nations as these attacks occur around the world. Schools must keep in mind that these suicide bombers have not come to negotiate or make deals. Suicide bombers come for one purpose – to kill. When suicide groups start to negotiate, they are simply buying time and delaying the inevitable.

Terrorists are always learning of our weaknesses and new ways to exploit them. Communication between schools and law enforcement officials is vital for the safety our children. We must strive to educate not only the school officials but the parents and guardians of our children as well. We must not conform to old style tactics and keep communication lines between students, faculty, and parents open. The terrorist attack in Beslan was designed to bring Russia to its knees and we can be assured the same is in store for the United States as well. Let us not fall into the trap of denial and complacency lest we intend to bury even more of our innocent brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers who have already been taken away by this senseless violence.

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