School Security: Lessons from the Past and Suggestions for the Future

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This paper provides an analysis of acts of terrorism focused on schools. While this paper is primarily written with the school mindset, the lessons learned and advice given can be applied to many different buildings, corporations, and businesses. All different aspects of terrorism will be looked at as well as the different levels of security a building should possess. This paper is also a call to action by every school board around the nation and also the world. We must not sit and do nothing while extremists seek to destroy our lives and the very lives of our children.



School Security: Lessons from the Past and Suggestions for the Future

by Phil Zimmerman


“Are our schools ready for such an unbelievable act? Does America realize the dramatic economic fallout that will follow an attack or series of attacks on grade schools in America?” So what has the government’s own studies on this subject told us?(Callery)

“To state or imply that we should ignore or downplay the possibility that terrorists would strike American schools defies logic and is contrary to the lessons learned on 9/11, at Columbine, in Beslan (Russia), and elsewhere.  It is this mindset of denial and Ostrich-Syndrome (head-in-the-sand) that makes us most vulnerable.  It is also a mindset contrary to the overall goals of our U.S. Homeland Security policy which encourages "thinking outside of the box" and being proactive to prevent a future terrorism attack, rather than looking for ways to rationalize that, "It can't happen here," until such an attack occurs again.” (National School Safety and Security Services)

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