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Reviewer ___________________________________
Date Due: __________________________________

646/380-0728 FAX: 646/380-0756
To submit a review, please click on the link found in the email regarding the assignment. You can also login to the database and search for the title at

For more information on how to use the database, please scroll down below for instructions.
Please make sure that you have evaluated content, style, and illustrations. Reviews of nonfiction should explain how this book compares to, supplements, or replaces other titles on the subject.
Grade Level: ____________________

Content: Comment in your review on the following and answer briefly below:

Content or scope of the book ___________________________________________________________________

Point of view or bias of the author ______________________________________________________________

Fictionalizing (Dialogue, feelings, thoughts, incidents) ______________________________________________


Style: Comment in your review on the following and answer briefly below:

Clear_______________ confusing _______________ lively _______________ dry _______________

Is there oversimplification to the point of being unclear or misleading? _________________________________

Comparison: What other books have a similar scope for this grade range and how do they differ from this title? ________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ If a revision, what changes have been made since the previous edition? _________________________________

Publisher and date of original __________________________________________________________________

Potential Appeal to Intended Audience and Why:
General _____ Limited _____ Strictly for Reports _____ None _____


Is it for beginners with no background in the subject? (If extensive background in the subject is required, note this in review.)

Quality of Illustrations (Be sure to comment on this in your review):
Excellent _____ Above Average_____ Average_____ Poor_____ Informative_____ Merely decorative_____

Excellent_____ Average_____ Poor_____

First Purchase_____ For General Purchase_____ Additional Purchase______ Not Recommended_____

(This should be implicit in your review without using the words "not recommended.")

Additional Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________________
OUTSTANDING BOOKS: *Important book because of high quality, wide appeal or usefulness to most library collections and recommended for first purchase by both school and public libraries. (If you have given the book an outstanding review and yet do not feel it should be starred, please explain.) Stars are editorial decisions; however we do want your comments.

Dear SLJ Reviewer,

We are writing to alert you to a major change in the way School Library Journal’s Book Review is handling the review process. Starting now, you will submit your reviews to School Library Journal through a browser-based application—not through email.
This application will generate an automatic email from informing you that a title has been sent to you for review. This email will include the assignment’s bibliographic information, review due date, and an area for you to write the review.
You will be receiving the physical book/audiobook/DVD via UPS as you normally would. Please note that no electronic copy of the book is attached to the email with your book review assignment unless otherwise specified by your editor.
To write and place your review in the new application, you can click on the link within the email, or you can log in from the application login page at
Please refer to the instructions on SLJ’s website when logging into the new database for the first time and for creating and sending your review:
Important notes:

For the review application to run properly, the latest version of Mozilla’s Firefox must be installed on your computer. You may download it here:

Your login credentials for the new application are as follows:

Username: firstinitiallastname (example: jdoe—all lower case)

Password: 123

Please keep a copy of your review in case it is lost in transmission to us. If you have technical difficulties with submitting your review, please contact Kent Turner,

Thanks for your continued interest in reviewing for SLJ. We hope the new system will make the entire reviewing process quicker and easier for everyone, and we will do whatever we can to make the changeover as smooth as possible.
SLJ Book Review Editors
NOTE: Need to reach a review editor or recommend a colleague as a potential reviewer? Contact Trevelyn Jones

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