School food authority-civil rights compliance

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Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


Self Evaluation—National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

PI-1441 (Rev. 09-15)

U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations outline the respon­sibility of each School Food Authority (SFA) in regard to Civil Rights Compliance. The following self-evaluation provides an over­view of requirements to assist the SFA in determining Civil Rights status. (USDA) FNS Instruction 113-1. Complete by October 31 annually.

Keep on file. Do not send to the DPI.


Name of School Food Authority (SFA)


Date Mo/Day/Yr


Agreement Number/Agency Code





1. Does the public release about the NSLP (National School Lunch Program) include:

a. the required nondiscrimination statement?

b. complaint filing information?

2. Has the public release about the NSLP been sent to news media and community/grassroots organizations?

3. Has a procedure for handling discrimination complaints/grievances been established?

4. Have any complaints of discrimination (written or verbal) been received in the past three years?

If Yes, indicate the disposition of each case (attach sheet).

5. Is the nondiscrimination and “And Justice for All” poster displayed in a prominent place, visible to and readable by recipients, near the serving area?

6. Is there a need for program materials to be printed in a language other than English?

If Yes, has this been done?

7. Complete Racial/Ethnic Data Chart below. Racial/Ethnic data is collected on the free/reduced price meal application. If the parent does not voluntarily fill in this information, a school official may fill in the data based on observation.

Aggregated Totals
Report Total Student Population by Identified Categories Listed (unduplicated count)

All fields below must have a number. Enter a zero “0” if there is no data.

Total District

No. Approved for Free/ Reduced Price Meals

Number Denied

Number of Food
Service Staff

Hispanic/Latino of any race





American Indian/Alaska Native










Black/African American





Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander










Two or More Races













8. Based on your student population, are denied free/reduced price meal applicants (column c) disproportionately composed of minority applicants?

9. Do procedures ensure that civil rights racial/ethnic data is made available only to authorized personnel?

10. Does the school agency employ 15 or more persons? (total staff of agency)

a. If Yes, has agency designated a staff person to coordinate Title IX (sex nondiscrimination) and gender equitable schools compliance?

b. If Yes, has agency designated a staff person to coordinate Section 504 (disability) compliance?

11. Is a prescription from a medical practitioner on file for each individual with a disability requiring special dietary needs?

12. Is civil rights training offered annually for Child Nutrition Program “frontline staff” and supervisors? “Frontline staff” includes all staff who administer and interact with Child Nutrition Program (CNP) recipients.

For nonpublic school agency only

13. Does the school/institution limit or deny admission on the basis of race, color, sex, age, disability, or national origin?


Signature of Official

Date Signed Mo./Day/Yr.

Please retain these records on file for four years.

Download 41.54 Kb.

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