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Schindler’s List Film Analysis

  1. TYPE your answers to each question on this sheet. Take your time and provide a thoughtful analysis using specific examples, explaining those examples and how they are relevant.

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Writers use detail to draw attention to a person or event. Filmmakers use composition, camera techniques, color, and sound to accomplish the same thing. Steven Spielberg is a master of these techniques.

Let’s look at them in more detail.
Analyze the following color scenes from Schindler’s List. Explain the significance of each using specific thoughts about why Spielberg used color in that place in the film. How does it advance the story and what does it signify in the film? Prove it with specific evidence. Think about exposition, time, plot points, symbolism and character development. (3 points each)

  1. Lighting of the candles for the Sabbath and the fade to the next scene:

  1. Little girl in the red coat during the liquidation of Krakow ghetto:

  1. Little girl in the red coat being carted to the fire:

  1. The lighting of the candle in the factory on the Sabbath:

  1. The line of Jews at the end of the film:

In the entire Bach or Mozart scene, describe how music and sound are used. Be specific about what Spielberg was trying to communicate and how he did so. (2 points each)

  1. Music:

  1. Sound:

Analyze the Auschwitz shower scene in Schindler’s List. How does Spielberg put us in the scene? What techniques does he use to create a feeling of tension and suspense (composition, camera tecniques, etc.)? (3 points)

Identify and describe one other scene in detail which strongly impacted you. Explain how it reflects Spielberg’s desire to place the viewer “inside the experiences of Holocaust survivors and actual victims as close as a movie can.” What filmmaking elements worked to make it especially effective? Explain what made the elements effective. (3 points)

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