Schindler’s List – writing assignment choose 1 of a-e

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Schindler’s List – writing assignment CHOOSE 1 of A-E

  1. Describe the significance and/or symbolism of five (5) of the following scenes or themes, two to four sentences each:

    1. Black and white film

    2. The color in the candle at the beginning and end of the movie

    3. The constant use of names, both spoken and written, throughout the film

    4. Black market business being done in the Church

    5. The one-armed man shoveling snow

    6. The diamonds in the bread

    7. Girl with the red coat

    8. Hiding places during the liquidation of the Ghetto

    9. Use of tombstones as a road

    10. Goeth’s pistol doesn’t shoot at the Rabbi

    11. Goeth’s “conversation” with Helen

    12. Stern’s gift to Schindler at the end (his ring)

  1. Describe the significance and/or symbolism of five (5) of the following quotes from the movie two to four sentences each:

    1. “The key to my success?”… “Luck?”…. “War!” - Schindler

    2. “The list is correct. You have to understand, it’s the paperwork” - Train engineer

    3. “The Ghetto is…liberty” – Mr. Dresner

    4. “Today is history” - Goeth

    5. “An hour of life is still life” – Mrs. Dresner

    6. “I know someday he will shoot me” – Helen Hirsch

    7. “Having the power to kill, and then NOT killing! That is Real Power” - Schindler

    8. “We’re receiving a new ‘shipment’ ” – Goeth

    9. “You’re not a human in the strictest sense of the word” - Goeth

    10. “We’re their work force, we’re very important to them” – Jewish woman

    11. “The list…is life” - Stern

  1. There are themes of creation and destruction throughout the film. Choose one (1) of the following topics and write a two to three paragraph as to the duality of:

    1. Schindler’s dual nature

    2. Roadway materials

    3. Goeth’s love/hatred of Helen

    4. Ghetto life

    5. Children with adult roles

  1. The 20th century has been described as a time of crisis, a time in which ethics were turned upside down. Using scenes from the movie as examples, support/refute that statement in two to three paragraphs.

  1. What is the motivation for “Man’s inhumanity towards Man” evident during the Holocaust? Use examples from the movie to support your response in two to three paragraphs.

  1. Identify two other Genocides that have occurred during the 20th Century, including those SINCE WW2, and identify the perpetrators and the oppressed, the reasons for the Genocide, HOW it was carried out, and the end result. Three to five paragraphs, and MUST be research-based! Include three sources.

Oscar Schindler Research
Use the Internet to find the answers to the questions in preparation for watching Schindler’s List.

  1. Describe Oscar Schindler’s personality.

  1. What type of factories did Oskar Schindler own prior to and at the beginning of the War? What type did he eventually open when he had to move?

  1. What were Schindler’s feelings/attitude toward the Nazi’s and their policies?

  1. How did Schindler help the Jews during the Holocaust?

  1. What is “Schindler’s List”?

  1. What happened to Schindler after the war?

  1. How was Schindler treated after the war by the Jewish population around the world?

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