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Scheme of Work
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This is Cross Curricular approach aimed at students in KS2 and KS3. As schools use a variety of ways to present schemes of work, only the aims and practical details of the activities are indicated here. We would appreciate it that if you create your own scheme and associated assessments that you would be prepared to share them with us and other teachers. Thank you.

The scheme aims to focus on perception and stereotyping and how we as human beings make judgements about people.

Directory: sites -> default -> files
files -> The United States and Post-Castro Cuba
files -> 9. 5 Political Powers and Achievements Tom Burns- beacon High School
files -> Indiana Academic Standards Resource Guide World History and Civilization Standards Approved March 2014
files -> Women in Slavery and the Fight for Social Freedoms
files -> How to Place Slavery into British Identity
files -> Title Publishing Format / Length
files -> Oh Freedom! Teaching African American Civil Rights Through American Art at the Smithsonian
files -> Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site’s interpretation of Al Capone’s cell, c. 2013. Al Capone Approved Source for Tour Content Developed by Annie Anderson May 2013 Draft 2 For Web Guiding questions
files -> Dr amanda wise & dr jan ali commonwealth of Australia 2008

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