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Standard: People in Societies Organizer

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Standard: People in Societies

Organizer: Cultures


1. Compare the cultural practices and products of the societies studied including: a. Class structure; b. Gender roles; c. Beliefs; d. Customs and traditions.

2. Compare world religions and belief systems focusing on geographic origins, founding leaders and teachings including: a. Buddhism; b. Christianity; c. Judaism;
 d. Hinduism; e. Islam.

Organizer: Interaction


3. Explain factors that foster conflict or cooperation among countries: a. Language; b. Religion; c. Types of government; d. Historic relationships; e. Economic interests.

Standard: Geography Organizer: Movement GLI: 8. Explain push and pull factors that cause people to migrate from place to place including: a. Oppression/Freedom; b. Poverty/Economic opportunity; c. Cultural ties; d. Political conflicts; e. Environmental factors

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