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What do you understand by the competencies in Station 3?

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What do you understand by the competencies in Station 3?
Firstly, I understand that there is a huge difference between devotional beliefs and practices and the study of religion from an academic, secular frame of reference. When teaching a particular faith, the teacher would promote a particular theological worldview and encourage students to articulate values and adopt practices that are consistent with their set of beliefs. When teaching students the study of religion in a constitutionally appropriate way, the teacher will introduce the vast array of faith-based expressions that exist within and between traditions with the aim of deepening understanding about religions diversity (4).
Secondly, I will handle religious disagreements in the classroom by creating an open and respectful environment. I have learned that students should understand that “the goal is developing awareness and understanding; and accurate representations of traditions reduce the misunderstandings arising from false generalizations, bigotry, or valorization of a particular religious or non-religious worldview” (12).
The third competency I understood was how to handle religious diversity in the classroom. I learned how important it is to talk about religion without making generalizations and stereotypes. In addition, it is important for students and I to examine how our judgments may impact others.
The fourth competency was mentioned above and is essential when teaching the study of religion. When students know they can trust and respect one another, they will be more open to listen and embrace their differences.

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