Sc history Chapter 3 Study Guide

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SC History Chapter 3 Study Guide
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1. What is something that exists today to tell us about the culture of coastal Native Americans? midden mounds
2. The Yemassee Tribe built several towns near which two rivers? Savannah and Combahee
3. How did the Catawba capture animals? They set small fires.
4. The Catawba was the largest group to settle in which part of South Carolina? (use a directional word) Northern
5. Which tribe lived in the Low Country? Yemassee
6. One way the Catawba and the Cherokee were similar is that they both met their needs by fishing, hunting, and farming.
7. Which Native American group moved their homes near the beach in the summer? Yemassee
8. The coastal Native Americans were different from other Native American groups of South Carolina because they ate shellfish
9. What was the role of the Cherokee women in South Carolina?

The women gathered nuts and farmed the land. They also attended council meetings and had an important role in making decisions for the community.

10. What did the Cherokee, Catawba, and Yemassee have in common? In what ways were they different? They hunted, farmed, and gathered food to meet their daily needs. They used rivers for transportation and trade. They spoke different languages and lived in different types of homes and settlements.

11. Where did the Yemassee live before coming to South Carolina? Why did they move? They lived in the coastal areas of Florida and Georgia. They moved North to South Carolina when the Spanish tried to force some of them to become laborers in the West Indies.
12. Who made laws and decisions for the community in the Cherokee government? The Cherokee council
13. Which tribe celebrated the harvest each year? The Catawba
14. Where did the Native Americans of South Carolina build many of their homes? near rivers
15. Which Native American group lived in the Piedmont? The Catawba
16. Which Native American group lived in the mountains of South Carolina? The Cherokee
17. What types of things did the animals provide for the Cherokee?

food, weapons, material for shelter and clothing
18. Which Native American group of South Carolina had an average of 30-60 in their village? The Cherokee
19. Where was the Cherokee government? In the council house in the middle of the village
20. What part of South Carolina was named after the Catawba?

The Catawba River
21. Which Native American group of South Carolina still make pottery today?__Catawba
22. The Catawba and the Cherokee both held their meetings in the council house
23. Where would you find bits of shellfish in the Low Country?

in midden mounds
24. Which tribe had shellfish as an important part of their diet? Yemassee
25. How were the homes of the coastal Native Americans different from those of the Catawba? The coastal homes were made with Palmetto trees.
26. Which Native American group of South Carolina originally lived in Florida and Georgia? Yemassee

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