Sayegh notes Joan Scott, "Gender"

Her ultimate stance on Marxism

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Her ultimate stance on Marxism: "within Marxism, the concept of gender has long been treated as the by-product of changing economic structures; gender has had no independent analytic status of its own" (36-37). When this happens, it is easy to be subsumed by the dominant ideology—big fish eats little fish.

3. Psychoanalysis She begins by defining different schools of though within this heading:

A. object-relations theory—stresses actual lived experience (and experience based on the senses). Here Nancy Chodorow and Carol Gilligan are given the status of primary practitioners. For Scott, the problem with object-relations theory is that it is too literal and too focused around the family itself. As a consequence, it is too limiting and the historian cannot apply the theories (without problem) to explain how other social systems like the economy, politics or power (top, page 38).

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