Sayegh notes Joan Scott, "Gender"

What of all this? What's in it for us?

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What of all this? What's in it for us? She ends the piece by saying that history will be richer for including gender as an analytic tool for it "will provide new perspectives on old questions…, redefine the old questions in new terms…, make women visible as active participants, and create analytic distance between the seemingly fixed language of the past and our own terminology" (50). In other words, gender will be its own theoretical discourse to be applied to history in the same way that we apply the methods of Marxism, annales, or cultural history.

But gender in this sense does more than this. It will provide new ways of thinking about the feminist project itself because gender "must be redefined and restructured in conjunction with a vision of political and social equality that includes not only sex, but class and race."

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