Sarnafil S327 Mechanically-Attached Engineered System Introduction

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      1. This roofing system shall be applied only by a Roofing Contractor authorized by Sarnafil prior to bid (Sarnafil "Applicator").

      1. Upon completion of the installation and the delivery to Sarnafil by the Applicator of a certification that all work has been done in strict accordance with the contract specifications and Sarnafil's requirements, an inspection shall be made by a Technical Representative of Sarnafil to review the installed roof system.

      1. There shall be no deviation made from the Project Specification or the approved shop drawings without prior written approval by the Owner, the Owner's Representative and Sarnafil.

      1. All work pertaining to the installation of Sarnafil membrane and flashings shall only be completed by Applicator personnel trained and authorized by Sarnafil in those procedures.


At the time of bidding, the Applicator shall submit to the Owner (or Representative) the following:

      1. Copies of Specification.

      1. Samples of each primary component to be used in the roof system and the manufacturer's current literature for each component.

      1. Written approval by the insulation manufacturer (as applicable) for use and performance of the product in the proposed system.

      1. Sample copy of Sarnafil's warranty.

      1. Sample copy of Applicator's warranty.

      1. Dimensioned shop drawings which shall include:

        1. Outline of roof with roof size and elevations shown.

        2. Profile details of flashing methods for penetrations.

        3. Technical acceptance from Sarnafil.

      1. Certifications by manufacturers of roofing and insulating materials that all materials supplied comply with all requirements of the identified ASTM and industry standards or practices.

      1. Certification from the Applicator that the system specified meets all identified code and insurance requirements as required by the Specification.

      1. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

The applicator shall submit evidence that the proposed roof system meets the requirements of the local building code and has been tested and approved or listed by the following test organizations. These requirements are minimum standards and no roofing work shall commence without written documentation of the system's compliance, as required in the "Submittals" section of this specification.
[Note to Specifier: If required, select one rating from each A, 1-3 and B, 1-3 below.]

      1. Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM) - Norwood, MA

        1. Class 1-60 (required for most situations)

        2. Class 1-75 (for increased wind exposure)

        3. Class 1-90 (for high wind exposure)

      1. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. - Northbrook, IL

        1. Class A assembly

        2. Class B assembly

        3. Class C assembly


      1. All products delivered to the job site shall be in the original unopened containers or wrappings bearing all seals and approvals.

      1. Handle all materials to prevent damage. Place all materials on pallets and fully protect from moisture.

      1. Membrane rolls shall be stored lying down on pallets and fully protected from the weather with clean canvas tarpaulins. Unvented polyethylene tarpaulins are not accepted due to the accumulation of moisture beneath the tarpaulin in certain weather conditions that may affect the ease of membrane weldability.

      1. As a general rule all adhesives shall be stored at temperatures between 40º F (5º C) and 80º F (27º C). Read instructions contained on adhesive canister for specific storage instructions.

      1. All flammable materials shall be stored in a cool, dry area away from sparks and open flames. Follow precautions outlined on containers or supplied by material manufacturer/supplier.

      1. Any materials which the owner’s representative and/or Sarnafil determine to be damaged are to be removed from the job site and replaced at no cost to the owner.

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