Sandra Bird Ms. Bird English III, Block 3

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Sandra Bird

Ms. Bird

English III, Block 3

10 May 2010

Letter to the Governor

19 October 1696

Honored and respected Governor.

As the Reverend Samuel Parris, and minister to the people of Salem Village, I left a prosperous business in the Barbados to undertake God’s work here in Massachusetts. And even from the beginning of my ministry, I felt the hand of Lucifer on these people. Although I graduated Harvard College, I know “… of a faction sworn to drive me from my pulpit” (170). This same faction intends “…to overthrow this court, your honor” (212). You must issue immediately a proclamation supporting the witch trials here in Salem or I “… fear there will be riot here” (232) and Satan will win Salem Village.

“All innocent and Christian people are happy with the courts in Salem!” (212). But a faction in the town sold their souls to Lucifer and signed the devil’s book. I knew when the town refused to give me the deed to my house and refused firewood for my family that dark spirits worked here. One of our leading citizens, Thomas Putnam, also felt the darker spirits present in our village. He knew that, “there [were] hurtful, vengeful spirits layin’ hands on these children” (172). Mr. Putnam told me, “There’s a murdering witch among us, bound to keep herself in the dark” (173). Reverend Hale of Beverly, an expert in the “invisible arts,” (185) now bewildered and confused by those who have signed the devil’s book, knew that we must needs “…discover the devil’s agents among us” (188). You must not allow these witches to overthrow the court’s justice. “There must be obedience or the church will burn as hell is burning” (181). The devil’s agents must not be allowed control of the Salem courts.

Many of Lucifer’s agents disguise themselves well, but others do not. John Proctor, a self confessed lecher, rarely comes to church. “I do not think I saw [him] at Sabbath meeting since snow flew (180). And according to Mr. Hale, he does not know his ten commandments, an obvious sign of witchcraft! Why he even told the court, “God is dead!” (226). This man and his faction, Giles Corey, Francis Nurse and others like them are “…gloomy for the courts in Salem(212). And Rebecca Nurse, pretending to be a godly woman, but convicted of witchcraft, told me that children fear to come to church; that many people “…quail to bring their children…” to God (180). What, I ask you, does she want with these children not attending Sabbath! “It is not for [them] to say what is good for [them] to hear” (180). The good Christians of Salem are becoming confused by the devil’s disciples and threatening riot.

Danger resides here for those of us serving as God’s authority in Salem. I fear for my life! “Tonight when I opened my door to leave my house- a dagger cluttered to the floor…I dare not step outside at night! (232). We hear of rebellion in Andover and many of us feel grave danger here as well. We need your support.

Please send militia to our village to ensure the town upholds the court’s justice and to protect us all. Issue a proclamation in support of God’s justice and the execution of Satan’s followers. Support Judge Danforth and myself as we complete God’s vengeance here in Salem. Order and control are necessary to ensure that the people of Salem do not deviate from church doctrine. Protect us from those listening to Lucifer and save Massachusetts from the devil!

Sincerely yours before God,

Reverend Samuel Parris

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