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Divinity's Chi Attacks involve the casting of intense light and heat toward her opponents. One of her attacks involves actually transforming into a beam of light that strikes through her opponent. Her motions are very dance-like and graceful.


DIVINITY & WULONG GOTH: She is entranced by the power he wields, both physically and as a crime-lord and master of the Black Mantis. Though she refuses to let it show, she is also a little afraid of him and makes sure she does whatever it takes to stay in his good graces.

DIVINITY & EXILE: She avoids the dangerous brute. She finds him disgusting.
DIVINITY & VAPOR: She regards Vapor with suspicious caution, not trusting her and not caring for her perverse tastes.
DIVINITY & THE FATALIST: He is interesting, but not interesting enough to risk her position with Wulong Goth. She maintains a polite distance.
DIVINITY & GEIST: Divinity hates Geist as much as Geist hates her. She knows full well that Geist would skewer her in an instant if she could get away with it. She has no intention of letting that happen.

DIVINITY VS. MASTER SAGE: He threatens Wulong Goth, therefore he is a threat to her and must be dealt with.
DIVINITY VS. JADE DRAGON: She senses a closeness between Jade Dragon and Divine Fist that infuriates her. For that reason, Divinity hates Dragon more than the others.
DIVINITY VS. FIERY PHOENIX: She is quick to recognize that Phoenix is Jiao Feng because she resented the time Shen used to give to the boy, time that he should have spent with her. This resentment makes her ferocious toward Phoenix.
DIVINITY VS. FIERCE TIGER: She doesn't know who she is and doesn't care. She's just a Pale Lotus to be destroyed.
DIVINITY VS. IRON MONK: Though not familiar with the previous Iron Monks, she knows Goth wants to bring him back to the Mantis fold. She fights him as an enemy, but also seeks a way to win him over in order to please Goth.
DIVINITY VS. DIVINE FIST: They have met again only as adversaries. If she still has feelings of love for him, she certainly doesn't show it. Yet oddly enough, a number of assassination attempts on Divine Fist by the Black Mantis have failed for inexplicable reasons.

VAPOR - (real name unknown)
BORN: late 1800's?

CURRENT AGE: unknown, but possibly over 100 years old

Vapor is an enigma, gifted with strange powers and an abnormally long life. In keeping with her name, she seems able to turn into vapor and instantly appear somewhere else. Whether this is some strange mental trick she plays on her opponents or an actual physical ability is a question no one, not even Wulong Goth, has been able to answer. Not that it really matters -- the effect is the same. It makes her a lethal warrior in the service of the Black Mantis.

She has a cold, detached presence and a sardonic, biting manner of speaking, as though she regards everyone else -- except Wulong Goth, of course -- to be barely competent children. One of the less pleasant things that can ever happen when dealing with Vapor is to have her smile at you. It isn't the kind of smile you ever want to see again.

The only other person she speaks of with any respect, paradoxically, is Master Sage, but that is only because of his prolonged vitality at an advanced age. If he weren't the enemy, Vapor might very likely be coming to Lo Shu to learn his longevity secrets (not that he would show her).

Vapor is fond of young men. Dark tales of her secretive orgies speak of Vapor using the sexual energies of her partners to enhance her powers. Many an unfortunate suitor has been found raving mad in the aftermath of her "attentions".

Not even Wulong Goth knows exactly when or where Vapor was born, but at best guess she came from some obscure backwater of Russia at the turn of the 20th century. She first surfaced as a "Bogoroditsa", a young girl worshipped by a bizarre Russian religious cult known as the Khlisti (whippers). There would be "radenya" (joyous gatherings) at which practices took place such as ritual dancing (dervishes) and self-flagellation. Most of this is just rumor, of course, since no one who dares to speak of the cult's secrets is allowed to draw another breath.

The Romanov dynasty tried to eliminate many such heretical cults. It is entirely possible that Vapor engineered the Russian revolution as revenge upon the dynasty, especially for the death of her favorite and most promising pupil, Rasputin. That's what she claims, and there's no one who dares to debate it with her.

Tiring of Russia, Vapor traveled widely, searching for new methods of extending life to augment those she already knew as a Khlisti. This brought her eventually to China where she discovered the Black Mantis and found they suited her nature quite well.

Vapor joined the Black Mantis during the time of the current Wulong Goth's master. When the mantle passed, Vapor liked what she saw and remained with the new Wulong Goth.

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