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BORN: 1975

She is beautiful, sensual, filled with the heat of passion. She has a subtle mind well suited to the intricate plots Wulong Goth likes to create. Most men cannot resist the silky power of her voice when used for persuasion.

Savitri is also bone-deep selfish. She thinks she's entitled, that the world is supposed to organize itself to suit her needs and wants. When she's been crossed, she holds a grudge for a long time.

She enjoys her position of power next to Wulong Goth. She likes feeling special.

In addition to the abilities she has gained from her Eastern Sun training, Divinity has the gift of clairvoyance which gives her visions of things happening in other locations. She uses this to feed Wulong Goth valuable information about friends, enemies, or anyone else he wants to know about…except Divine Fist or any of the Pale Lotus. She claims they have the means to cloud her far-vision. Whether this is true, or whether she is secretly protecting Divine Fist is something only Divinity knows.

But the longer she remains under the influence of Wulong Goth, the more evil she becomes. It may already be too late to salvage her.
Savitri grew up as a spoiled darling amongst the Eastern Sun sect in the Metro-China region. She was treated rather like a princess, praised for her beauty and cleverness, lauded for her superb skills in training, and never, ever disciplined by her doting parents.

She regarded Shen Zhen as a comparable "prince" within the sect and the only one worthy of her. At first, she was simply somewhat spoiled, but cloaked it beneath a proper social demeanor. As a teenager, she became more demanding, expecting people to conform to her wishes. She used subtle ploys to get her way most of the time and most of the time they worked, leading her to further believe no one could say no to her. Her mask of false modesty was even clever enough to fool young Shen Zhen.

Her love for Shen was a selfish love. She felt she deserved him, as though he were a prize. She was unbelievably insulted when refused to listen to her advice and entered the police force. That didn't suit the kind of lifestyle she wanted to lead. It was an inferior and demeaning job in her eyes. How could he possibly expect her to be the wife of a mere police officer? Especially when he could easily be so much more.

While Shen was out of touch beginning his training, Savitri had her first encounters with Wulong Goth. The illicit meetings were titillating, appealing to a darkness within her. She resisted his seductions for a time thinking Shen was going to come to his senses and return to her.

Finally, fed up with the situation, Savitri confronted Shen and gave him an ultimatum -- change his path or she would leave him. She never dreamt that his sense of honor and justice would prove stronger than the feelings he had for her.

When he refused, Savitri felt the deepest fury of her entire life. Flinging spiteful curses in his face, she abandoned him, the Eastern Suns, her family, everything she had known. She gave herself heart and soul to Wulong Goth, who renamed her Divinity.

Besides providing information with her clairvoyant powers, Divinity has obtained the Yin Tablet of Shihao containing the encoded information about the locations of six of the Treasures. Though she doesn't have the knowledge of the Tao or Feng Shui that Lo Shu has, she has been using her extrasensory power to divine the locations by tapping into the resident power of the tablet itself. She knows how fiercely Wulong Goth wants this information, so she's been milking the process as much as she dares.

She has served Wulong Goth for years. If she has any regrets, there is no sign of it.

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