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Goth's attacks involve the release of black energies that hurl toward an opponent as projectiles (most of them do). Some of these come from his mouth and eyes and sometimes both. Also, one of his attacks involves the release of a swarm of bugs from his mouth. His animation is very creepy and makes use of Praying Mantis style WuShu.


WULONG GOTH & DIVINITY: Divinity is his lover. He took great pleasure in seducing her away from the Eastern Sun, and he finds her power of clairvoyance to be endlessly useful. She has a subtle mind and gives good advice.

WULONG GOTH & EXILE: Wulong Goth trusts Exile, who is mindlessly loyal. He values Exile's lethal effectiveness.
WULONG GOTH & VAPOR: Vapor is deadly and useful, but he has no illusions about how well he can trust her. He keeps a close eye on her, enjoying her viciousness, but knowing she would steal his power in an instant if she could. What he values most, besides her power, is Vapor's knowledge of life-prolonging techniques.
WULONG GOTH & THE FATALIST: He uses Fatalist when he wants something forceful done, but with slightly more finesse than Exile. Emphasis on slightly. He trusts the Fatalist well enough for now because of the man's lunatic adherence to believing what the Runes of Fate tell him to do, and the Runes have told him to serve Wulong Goth. But Goth is equally aware that the fickle Runes might decide to tell the Fatalist to take Wulong Goth's head instead, so for that reason he keeps a careful watch on the Fatalist.
WULONG GOTH & GEIST: He continues to think of Geist as being utterly devoted to him, and never stops to consider what her true feelings might be now that she has been replaced by Divinity.

WULONG GOTH VS. MASTER SAGE: His hatred for Master Sage is ancient and implacable. To kill this Master Sage and his pathetic Pale Lotus is Goth's most sacred duty…and pleasure.
WULONG GOTH VS. JADE DRAGON: He senses she could be a greater threat to him than some of the others, so he especially merciless when facing her.
WULONG GOTH VS. FIERY PHOENIX: He is a bothersome boy hardly worth his time, but he'll be glad to kill him anyway.
WULONG GOTH VS. FIERCE TIGER: She is a nuisance to be eliminated.
WULONG GOTH VS. IRON MONK: Goth's inherited memories also allow him to recognize Iron Monk as someone who should be a Black Mantis member. He is profoundly irritated that one of "his" people has been co-opted by the Pale Lotus. If he can find any way to bring this new Iron Monk over to his side, he will do it.
WULONG GOTH VS. DIVINE FIST: Fist holds a special place of hatred because he has caused Goth and the Mantis so much trouble as a detective. Knowing how Divine Fist must feel about him for stealing Divinity away adds special zest to that hatred. He would never miss a chance to taunt Fist about it.

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