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You will make a PowerPoint about the process of Utah Statehood. You will use your book as the primary resource. It will take a few days. The required information will be on the 5 W’s and/or How…


Why Seek Statehood

What: Seek Statehood by applying for admission to the Union

When: UT asked for statehood six separate times…

Where: Territory of Deseret

Why: UT would not have inferior citizens B/C they could elect their own Judges, dictate their own education, Vote for the president of U.S.


And then two opinions of someone who would have been alive:

I think statehood would be fantastic, b/c then the troops would leave Camp Douglas, and the Gov. would trust us.”

Statehood would be a big step for Utah’s people because it would allow us to have more say in how we live our lives AKA: schools and voting.”

Each PPT slide must include:

1 picture

at least 1 wipe or transition

5 W’s

2 quotes from the text

1 slide per topic, see below

(Get additional pictures from, online text, and other sources)

Why Seek Statehood pg 210

Roadblocks to Statehood pg 210

Living on the Underground pg 212

The Manifesto pg 214

Women’s Suffrage pg 216

Utah’s Constitution pg 218

Day of Statehood pg 220

Celebrations around the State pg 222

1896 Election Results pg 223

Relationship between Natives, US Govt, Utah Gov (202) 5

Federal Laws Punish Polygamists 4 (211,212,213)

Utah Portrait (pick of the captions labeled Utah Portrait) chapter 11

Download 13.01 Kb.

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