Sample Tasks for Writing a Thesis Statement

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Sample Tasks for Writing a Thesis Statement

Directionseach of the following examples is a possible Gateway topic. For each, create a thesis statement that would appropriately answer the question asked.
Topic 1 – Class Structure

Discuss the different social classes of the Ancient Romans

  • Be sure to discuss the roles of Patricians and Plebeians

  • Explain the role of the Roman Centurion and other professional soldiers

  • Discuss the role of slaves and the various types of slaves in Roman society

Compare and contrast feudalism in Medieval Europe with feudalism in Japan. Include

  • The relationships of lord and daimyos to knights and samurai

  • The use of serfs or peasants

  • The role of merchants

Discuss the evolution of class structure in ancient civilizations. Use both of the following in your examples:

Compare and contrast the Old Regime in France with the society created in France after the French Revolution. Consider

  • The three estates

  • The role of women

  • The role of the Catholic Church

Describe the effect of the Industrial Revolution on the social class structure in Europe. Include

  • Both positive and negative impact on the working class

  • The rise of the middle class

  • The tension between the new money (factory owners) and old money (land owners)

Topic 2 - Revolutions

How did the Industrial Revolution change society in Europe?

  • Explain the major innovations of the Industrial Revolution

  • Identify the key changes made in government

  • Explain the role of entrepreneurs during the Industrial Revolution

How did the Neolithic Revolution lead to the development of civilization?

  • Describe the change created by the Neolithic Revolution.

  • Show how the development of agriculture led to the characteristics of civilization

  • Explain why the 4 River Valleys had the earliest civilizations

Explain how the ideas of the Enlightenment were used to promote political revolutions in

  • The United States

  • France

  • Latin America

Discuss the French Revolution including

  • Causes of the revolution

  • Key events of the revolution

  • Effects of the revolution

Discuss the Russian Revolution including

  • Causes of the revolution

  • Key events of the revolution

  • Effects of the revolution

Topic 3 – Religious Conflict

Explain the issues and people involved in the Protestant Reformation. Be sure to include

  • Problems within the Catholic Church

  • The teachings of Martin Luther and John Calvin

  • The issue which led King Henry VIII to break with the Catholic Church

Describe how the Crusades changed Medieval Europe and helped bring an end to the Middle Ages. Include

  • Religious, political and economic causes of the Crusades

  • Key events of the Crusades

  • Religious, political and economic effects of the Crusades

Explain how the Protestant Reformation led to the changes within the Catholic Church known as the Catholic Reformation or the Counter-reformation . Include

  • The issues which led to the Protestant Reformation

  • The reaction of the Catholic Church and attempts to stop the spread of Protestantism

  • The formation of the Society of Jesus and the decisions at the Council of Trent

Discuss the rise of Christianity within the Roman Empire. Include

  • the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

  • reasons early Christians were persecuted

  • why Christianity appealed to many people and spread in spite of persecution

Topic 4 – Dynasties and Empires

Describe the rise of Islam and the spread of the Islamic Empire from the 600’s – 1200’s. Include

  • the origins of Islam with the prophet Muhammad

  • the reasons for the rapid spread of Islam under the Umayyads and Abbasids

  • the advances in science, math, and medicine that occurred in the Islamic Empire

Describe the growth, achievements, and decline of the Mongol Empire. Include

  • the rise of the Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan

  • the impact of Mongol rule on Asia and Europe

  • reasons for the breakup of the Mongol Empire

Compare and contrast the Roman Empire with the Han Dynasty. Include

  • the role and type of government

  • advances in technology

  • reasons for the decline and fall of each

In the 1800’s Great Britain built “an empire on which the sun never set.” Explain what this means and how Britain was able to control such a vast amount of territory.

Compare and contrast the Qing Dynasty in China to the Tokugawa Dynasty in Japan.
Compare and contrast the Ottoman Empire, the Safavid Empire, and the Mughal Empire.

Reviewing Essential Questions for the Gateway Test

DirectionsAnswer the following questions using specific details learned in the World History course.
Early Man and River Valley Civilizations:

1. What was the Neolithic Revolution and how did it affect civilization?

2. How were early societies organized into social classes, especially Sumer and Egypt?
Ancient Rome:

3. What role did geography play in the development of Roman civilization?

4. Compare and contrast the characteristics of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire

5. What factors led to the decline of the Roman Empire?

6. What is the modern legacy of the Roman Empire?
Byzantine Empire, Islamic Empire, Imperial China, Imperial Japan:

7. How did the Byzantine Empire affect Western Civilization in terms of culture, politics, economy, and religion?

8. Describe the familial, social, artistic, and scientific contributions of the Islamic Empire.

9. Compare and contrast the Ming Dynasty of China and the Tokagawa Dynasty of Japan.

Middle Ages and the Crusades:

10. Describe the important roles within the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages.

11. What was the relationship among lords, knights, vassals in the Feudal and Manorial Systems?

12. What were the major causes and effects of the Crusades?

Protestant Reformation:

  1. What were the problems within the Catholic Church that led to the Protestant Reformation?

  2. Compare and contrast the reform movements and ideas of Martin Luther, John Calvin,King Henry VIII, and John Knox.

  3. How did the Roman Catholic Church respond to the criticisms of the Protestant Reformation?

Absolute Monarchs:

  1. How did the collapse of feudalism & the new idea of Divine Right lead to the rise of Absolute Monarchs?

  2. How did the idea of Balance of Power & Mercantilism influence European nations during the 1500-1600s?

  3. What were the significant accomplishments of Absolute Monarchs in Spain, France, Austria, Prussia, and Russia?

Tudor and Stuart England:

  1. How did the views of the Stuart kings regarding absolutism lead to the English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution?

  2. How did the Magna Carta, Petition or Rights, and English Bill of Rights each lead to a Limited (or Constitutional) Monarchy in England?

Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, French Revolution:

  1. How did the new ideas of the Enlightenment lead to political changes in the American colonies, France, and with European monarchs?

10.What were the significant causes of and effects of the French Revolution?

Napoleon, Metternich, and the Latin American Revolutions:

  1. What were the significant causes and effects of the political revolutions in Latin America?

  2. How did the reform movements of the 19th Century affect voting, art, and politics in Europe?

Industrial Revolution:

  1. Identify the major effects of the Industrial Revolution in the areas of new innovations, working conditions, urban living, and transportation

  2. Compare and contrast the significant characteristics of the Cottage Industry and the Factory System

  3. What were the significant differences among Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism?

World War I and the Russian Revolution:

  1. What were the significant causes and effects of the Russian Revolution?

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