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Sample Introductions:

Spike Lee’s movie called Malcolm X is an autobiographic that envision the life and times of Malcolm X and his action and thought about racism and equality. The opening credits of Lee’s Malcolm X can signify that racism has not vanish from modern society. However, America is on the right track of improving equality for U.S, citizens, today then thirty years ago.

The American flag is suppose to symbolize life, liberty, and the pursuit if happiness. But, those ideas are the “American Dream,” for the African American race of Malcolm X’s time, those ideas do not apply. Black are given no options to pursue those ideas/dreams, so for African Americans the dream is a nightmare.
In the opening credits of Spike Lee’s Malcolm X, we are introduced to themes that surface later on in the film. We are carefully told a visual and audio story by Malcolm X, the American Flag, and the Rodney King beating.

During the opening sequence of Spike Lee’s Malcolm X, the underlined theme of the “American Nightmare” is reflected by the horrific visuals of the American flag burning and video footage of the Rodney King beating. The sequence of events symbolizes the racial “cancer” that evolves not only throughout the movie, but also throughout America’s history. In contrast to the “American Dream” of equality, wealth, and freedom, Malcolm X reveals that African Americans lived out the opposite, the “American Nightmare” of inequality, poverty, and oppression.

The Right Words
Africans were brought to America by force which in a sense is kidnapping. Yet the flag stands for and entirely different thing than what happened.
Repetition and Cliches
The footage relates to Malcolm C because during his lifetime it seems as though he’s fighting an uphill battle against white society.
Effective Sentences
Spike Lee opens Malcolm X with a sequence of visual composition and sounds that make the audience begin to examine what the film is going to be about. The viewer’s mind wonders on different themes that the film is going to be expressing such as: African Americans’ hatred toward America and the white people running it, Malcolm X’s self-perseverance, and the freedom of speech that African Americans or any person in America can exercise.
Varied Sentence Patterns:
The first image Lee used to show the racism that existed was the video of Rodney King. Lee used this video to show the viewer what Malcolm X was fighting against. He also used the image to connect the viewer to the problems that existed when Malcolm was speaking. The final reason Lee chose this video is to show that even with all the work Malcolm had done, there is still a strong racist feeling in America.

The opening scene is the best choice of footage to open Malcolm X with. It is a scene that every person in America knows about and it also shows joust how vicious racism is in America. It relates to many struggles that Malcolm deals with through out his life and in some form every person deals with in their life.

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