Sample Introduction paragraph based on The Great Gatsby

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Sample Introduction paragraph based on The Great Gatsby
Corruption of the American Dream

The novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald shows that money can corrupt a person. Set in ritzy Long Island in the 1920s, Fitzgerald seems to be arguing that in American life, as in his novel, money frequently corrupts one’s values. It turns them into puppets on a string. Money controls their every move, and with just a glimpse into the life of luxury they never want to leave. Jay Gatsby, the main character, had an original dream to self-improve – at that point he was still called James Gatz. However, after meeting Daisy Buchanan his dream is eclipsed because he now needs money in order to win her over. Daisy cannot see herself without material items. Gatsby has to make up a lie in order to seem like he has old money rather than new money so that he can be up to standards for Daisy. He wants to be with her so badly that he will do anything in order to get her. Gatsby dies and Tom and Daisy just continue living because they still have their one true love: money. Demonstrated through F. Scott Fitzgerald’s characters in The Great Gatsby, the morals and values of the American people are corrupted when money and power eclipse one’s American dream.

Conclusions should:

  • NOT be a line by line summary

  • NEVER repeat the thesis word for word

  • NEVER be less than a strong paragraph

  • Try to present connections/relationships between the material and examples to suggest the larger message and connection to the real world.

Sample Conclusion Paragraph based on Gatsby

The characters all do not stay true to their morals and values; they all cheat and lie all because of money. In the end, every character dies either physically or mentally. Money took over everything in their lives to the point that nothing else mattered. They fail to realize that money cannot buy happiness. Having too much money can cause those who abuse it to feel superior and lose the real meaning of life. Sadly every generation has the Toms, the Daisys, the Myrtles, and the Gatsbys, those who get caught up in the “foul dust" of materialism and greed. Fitzgerald’s novel is a strong reminder to the last group, but his message is one all can heed. Currently it is easy to flip on the television, pick up a magazine, or read the paper and see the portrayal of a person being corrupted by money. If looking for an example of the danger of foregoing one’s morals and values for the love of money, look no further than Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby.
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