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Samantha Tomlin
Mrs. Cartier
Hon English

Part One: What I Want to Find Out

  • Has anyone been influenced to preform violent actions from playing violent video games?

  • What percent of people say this is true?

  • Is their any proof to back up this theory?

  • How many individuals play violent video games?

  • How would violent video games cause violence?

  • Is it societys fault or the video games that individuals perform violence?

  • Does the violence in games make it seem "cool" and desensitize kids?

  • Does video games make children think unrealistly about death?

  • Is violence contagious?

  • Do violent video games contribute to youth violence?

  • How have social scientists tried to answer this question?

Part Two: Annotated Bibliography
Carey, Benedict. "Shooting in the Dark." The New York Times. February 11, 2013.
This webpage from very popular magazine explained that violent video games definitely

cause some aggression for a little time after the gamer has been done playing. This webpage also says; there has not been enough well-done reasearch to say that video games do, in fact, cause violent behavior. This webpage was good with the information about video games linking with violence.
Matthew, Nicholas. "Video games, Violence, and Common Sense." April 2013.

This website decribes how tricky it is to actually measure levels of agression, and what causes it in a moment in time. I appreciated the evidence in this webpage, but it went off topic to actaully explaining graphics in some of the video games.
Peter, Justin. "Don't Trust the Reasearch Saying Video Games Cause Real-World Aggression." Slate. Dec. 21, 2012.

This website examined the history of reasearch done to prove the link of real-world aggression and violent video games. This reasearch was false; Christopher Ferguson, a scientist, also reasearched the link. According to him, the crime rate in was dropped about 41% in the last four years. This website was good with information about the reasearchers for the topic.
Part Three: What I Learned

Most people might describe Grand Theft Auto as a fun, enjoyable game to play just
for fun in their spare time. Others would describe this particular type of video game as one of
the root causes of violence in teens. after 40+ years of research, some would think the debate
about these media effects would be resolved. Most of society state that is is, in fact, true that
video games cause violent behavior, yet I disagree.
Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons why violent video games do not cause violent
behavior is that fact that the laboratory experiments have yet to find any evidence that the
statement is true ( When this issue was taken as far as banning these types of
games to minors, the supreme court declared this unconstitutional. Writing for the court, Justice
Antomin Scalia said, "A causal link between these games' content and harm to young people
had not been proven", and went on to place the responsibility to filter what children are exposed
to with the parents, ( When asked, Chris Ferguson; professer of psychology at
Texas A&M International and a critic of those who blame video games for violent crime, said,
"We've done a number of studies of video game violence with both children and adults and find
no evidence to support links between video game violence and yougth violence. Futhermore,
yougth violence has declined to 40 year lows, not gone up in recent years," (
Another reason explaining why violent video games don't cause violence; video games
do no make you a certain type of person. If you're angry, it simply brings out what is already
there. "We don't see these as the cause of violence, we see them as sources of fueling ideation
that's already there," ( FBI profiler, Mary Ellen, explains on the morning CBS
news. These video games do not make you change into something that you aren't already. If
you are a violent person, the violence will rise when you are angry, not just because you're
playing a violent video game.
As I've stated before, soe would state the opposite and say that these video games do,
in fact, cause violent behavior by the individuals who play them. Yet, they are oblivious to the
fact that everything can influence behavior, but they're putting all the blame on these games.
Usually, a individual's behavior problems come from how the parents raise that particular child,
not a video game. "Video games are pretty much stress relivers to the world. Anything that's
wrong with someone, namely violence, is the parents' fault. Not video games," (
Games do not CAUSE violence, expose to real-life violence does.
Lastly, video game players disagree with these rumors that video games cause violence.
Some of these regular violent video game players have posted about the issue. "Yes, I've had
behavior problems and no, it wasn't because of the violent games that I've played,"(
"I'm 16 years old and I've been playing violent games since I was five and yet I've not
had a single behavior problem. Video games are stress relievers," (
"I've been playing Grand Theft Auto since San Adreas was released and I haven't
killed anyone! I'm not thinking about killing anyone either!" ( These gamers claim
that there is no problem in their behaviors rooted to the games they play.

In conclusion, there are quite a few explainations why violent video games do not cause
violence, nor behavior problems. Children and teens are exposed to enough real-life violence
without having it to be linked with video games.

Part Four: The Journey
My process for the research paper was long and stressful. It look a lot of my focus for
Honors English to finish each of the parts of the paper.
When I first started my research, I was confused on how to really being. I was reading
through my paper that Mrs. Cartier assigned to take us step by step, but I was still a little
confused. I called my friend, Kate Moore, because she has done more of these papers than I
have. She came over to my house and tried to help me being my work. It helped a lot for the
first assigned part. On the next assigned part, I didn't have time to type my paper at the school
library so I would haved to type it at home. I usually don't typee my papers at home so I
thought it might be a little weird. When I came home I headed straight for the computer. During
my research, I realized that I needed some databases for this paper. All of a sudden, my
grandma's computer froze up and I couldn't continue; I would have to wait an extra day.
The next day, I started to type my part assigned for the next day. After I was finished
typing my paper, I realized I needed to double space my paper. I was looking for the double
space button, but my grandma's computer didn't have have it. I went back into the paper and
spaced it all out by each line. I thought it looked good so I printed it. When I went downstairs
to get my paper and looked at the spacing, my printer had messed up. I had gotten very
frustrated at that point and went back to try and fix the problem. My grandma saw how
frustrated I was and tried to help, but unfortunately, she didn't know what she was doing either.
We both are pretty bad at figuring out computers.
Even though my process was a little frustrating, I proceed to try and do my best work. I
had to use a lot of different resources, but I finally got the information I needed to complete my

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