Salvador aulestia el enigma de su personalidad

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Born in Barcelona in 1915, Salvador Aulestia is a black hole in the history of art in Europe.

Painter, sculptor, writer, magician, musician,

Aulestia has left a huge, nearly limitless, body of work.

Aided by his family, now living in Milan,we have been able to discover a staggering collection of paintings, sculptures, volumes out of print, sketches, unpublished plays.
Aulestia shared the times of Dali and Mirò, designed sets for Ionesco and Ibsen, embraced abstractism and then left off for paths unknown.
He founded his own current, Apotelesmatic Art

wrote and painted a series of books on the secret magic of Futebol,

the archetypes hidden in the bullfight, the secret language of the hand.

wrote symphonies and chamber music with magical overtones

built Teraphims, the talking statues that tell the future.
This film revolves around the central work of Salvador Aulestia, EL SIDEROPLOID,

a sprawling mass of metal (63metres long and 17metres tall) which originally adorned the rompeolas in the harbour of Barcelona.

In 1960 Le Port De Barcelona accepted to finance a wild project of Salvador Aulestia: a colossal guardian of metal, so big that it was the first thing you could see when reaching Barcelona from the sea.

EL SIDEROPLOID was completed in three years with the help of a massive team of steel workers. It was created on location: the material employed comes from the carcasses of broken ships, pieces of junk, metal left behind.

Homage to sailors and seamen, el sideroploid is also the teraphim supreme, the magic statue which hints at all the possible futures of the city and citizens alike.

Eaten away by salt and weather, the statue had to be removed for restoration.

Finally restored in 2001, it stands poised on the quay of the golondrinas, ready to guard the city again.

This documentary is also the story of the city and places touched by Aulestia’s inspirations:

the harbour where we follow the works of restoration and remember the pharoah-like toil of its erection, his abstract statues gracing hinterland parks, the bronze guardians in condominum halls, the residential housing he designed as a young architect...

We will hear excerpts from his books, explore the museums, investigate the several cases of forgery and glimpse into the shadows of his life.

One of the first and youngest members of the Spanish Communist Party, he then entered monastery, fought alongside Franco in the Spanish Civil War, was jailed in Morocco, lived in Paris after the war and finally settled in Italy.

We will be helped by the massive archive collected by the family featuring an array of photographic prints and paper clips encompassing four decades, private tapes of conversations and rehearsals of his exoteric violin music, Requiem for the green witch.

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