Salutary neglect

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Standard 8.16 Explain how the practice of salutary neglect, experience with self-government, and widespread ownership of land fostered individualism and contributed to the American Revolution.

Salutary neglect was used in the 1600-1700s as a way to decrease the strict trade regulations in the New England Colonies. An unwritten policy allowed the colonies to prosper. The colonists were able to trade with groups that were not from England and then purchase items that were British made goods. The British colonies did supply raw materials that were needed in Britain. Salutary neglect led the colonies to believe that they no longer needed England for political or economic reasons. This idea helped to form the independent American identity that eventually led to the American Revolution.

To get a clearer idea about the items that led to revolution, watch the following video from Discovery Education. The subscription for Discovery Education is paid for use of students and teachers of Tullahoma City Schools. The title of the video is listed below in italics.

“Parliament abandoned the policy of salutary neglect when it desperately needed money. The Sugar Act required payment of a tariff on certain items. The tariffs upset the colonist because they had no representation in Parliament.”

The American Revolution: From Colonies to Constitution: The Road to Revolution  

Also, watch the following from Discovery Education also -

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