Sale Catalogue General Antiques and Collectables Sale Saturday 15

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Sale Catalogue – General Antiques and Collectables Sale Saturday 15th September 2012 @ 10am Viewing 14th September 2012 10am till 5pm

Buyers Premium 15% +VAT – 01202 848454 –

1 M reg 1995 Honda Civic (this vehicle has no battery) est. 200-300

2 Ansonia clock company wall hanging clock est. 30-50

3 Bookcase containing a qty. of leather bound international library of famous literature books est. 40-60

4 Two elephant book ends together with a small qty. of elephant ornaments est. 20-30

5 Glazed carved wooden display cabinet est. 60-80

6 Collection of cruet sets to include carltonware etc. est. 30-40

7 Qty. of Royal Doulton old colony dinner and teaware est. 20-40

8 Two wooden tribal spears est. 20-30

9 Large Franklin Mint vase of the golden carp on stand est. 30-40

10 Glazed carved wooden display cabinet est. 60-80

11 Qty. of Royal Worcester trinket trays and vases together with a Royal Grafton part tea set and Border of Fine arts otter

ornaments est. 15-25

12 Collection of Wade ornaments together with Royal Winton dishes etc. est. 30-40

13 Collection of cruet sets depicting various town scenes inc. Weymouth, Bournemouth etc. est. 20-30

14 Sylvac planter and jug together with Poole vase etc. est. 20-30

15 Oil on board signed indistinct together with a watercolour signed of Dartmouth castle est. 10-20

16 Qty. of studio dinner ware est. 20-40

17 Walnut veneered dressing table est. 60-80

18 Qty. of walking sticks together with metalware inc. a dog nutcracker, horse brasses etc. est. 20-30

19 Bureau bookcase with glazed doors est. 80-100

20 Qty. of collectables on two shelves to include cranberry glass. Doulton crystal etc. est. 20-30

21 Qty. of collectables inc. Crown Derby, Royal Winton and Wedgwood etc. est. 20-30

22 Collection of jugs and teapots inc. Poole est. 25-35

23 Pair of oriental vases (examine) est. 40-60

24 Pair of carved candle tables est. 30-40

25 Nest of three tables est. 15-25

26 Victorian piano stool est. 30-40

27 Ornate double fronted display cabinet est. 70-100

28 Carved wooden otter ornament est. 40-50

29 Ornate inlaid bedroom chair est. 20-30

30 W.M. Gunn of Wallingford grandfather clock est. 400-600

31 Oil on board depicting ship scene est. 20-30

32 Oil on board depicting boat scene signed H.J. Rogers 1965 est.

33 Pair of glass candle holders est. 10-20

34 Brass inkwell desk set impressed C. Fres Paris est. 20-40

35 Ornate brass horse drawn carriage clock on marble base est. 40-60

37 Walker and Hall ornate barley twist leg cutlery cabinet together with contents inc. silver and plated cutlery est. 100-200 38 Framed and glazed watercolour depicting country scene signed Morris together with a framed and glazed oil on canvas est. 30-40

39 Ornately carved chair est. 20-30

40 Fish eye mirror together with an inlaid oval mirror est. 15-25

41 Qty. of metalware to include escape steps, door knocker etc. est. 20-30

42 Small inlaid dressing table on castors est.

43 Ornate brass clock on marble stand together with garnitures est.

44 Decorative glass vase est. 15-30

45 Bowl of wooden fruit est. 15-25

46 Qty. of early ornate dinnerware est. 30-40

47 Royal Crown derby peacock pattern coffee cans and saucers (impressed with cross on bases) together with others est.


48 Ethnic wooden bust est. 10-20

49 Masons blue and white jug and bowl est. 40-60

50 Tilt top breakfast table est. 40-60

51 Two copper coal scuttles together with shovel est. 30-40

52 Onyx occasional table together with onyx standard lamp est. 40-60

53 Bongo drums est. 25-35

54 Ornate onyx table lamp together with telephone est. 25-40

55 Oak dresser est. 50-70

56 Cutty Sark model est. 40-60

57 Large qty. of Paragon malandi dinner and teaware est. 50-80

58 Balloon back chair est. 20-30

59 Georgian extending dining table est. 100-200

60 Oriental style teaset est. 15-25

61 Qty. of corona ware chanilly dinnerware est. 40-60

62 Heavy red whitefriars vase together with an ornate lidded glass pot and another decorative vase est. 40-60

63 Large qty. of glass vases to include whitefriars est. 80-120

64 Large qty. of glass vases to include whitefriars est. 80-120

65 Oil on canvas depicting a street scene signed L. Alexis est. 20-30

66 Model sailing yacht entitled Etoile Polaire est. 30-40

67 Blue and white oriental vase est. 20-40

68 Ducal pine bookcase est. 40-60

69 Poole Pottery penguin and seal together with Beswick cats est. 30-40

70 Qty. of powder blue Moorcroft breakfast ware inc. pots, toast rack etc. est. 30-50

71 Moorcroft ashtray est. 30-40

72 Barometer and brush set est. 20-30

73 Portmerion glass jug together with two crystal decanters est. 20-30

74 Eastern crafts chess set est. 15-25

75 Model sailing yacht est. 30-40

76 Royal crown Derby crocodile with gold stopper boxed est. 80-120

77 Royal Crown Derby Amazon green parrot with gold stopper ltd. Edition 621/2500 boxed est. 100-120

78 Royal Crown Derby penguin with gold stopper boxed est. 180-220

79 Royal Crown Derby Llama paperweight with stopper boxed est. 60-80

80 Royal Crown Derby black swan with gold stopper ltd. edition 843 boxed est. 80-120

81 Royal Crown Derby woodland pheasant with gold stopper boxed signed Louise Adams est. 70-100

82 Royal Crown Derby Debonair bear with gold stopper boxed est. 80-120

83 Royal Crown Derby Carolina duck boxed with gold stopper est. 50-80

84 Royal Crown Derby Russian bear with gold stopper boxed signed John Athitt est. 50-80

85 Royal Crown Derby honey bear boxed with stopper est. 60-80

86 Boxed Royal Crown Derby turtle with gold stopper est. 60-80

87 Boxed Royal Crown Derby wren with gold stopper est. 40-60

88 Boxed Royal Crown Derby poppy mouse with gold stopper est. 40-60

89 Boxed Royal Crown Derby ram with gold stopper signed Louise Adams est. 70-100

90 Boxed Royal Crown Derby mole with gold stopper signed Hugh Gibson est. 350-400

91 Boxed Royal Crown Derby garden snail with gold stopper signed John Athitt est. 80-120

92 Boxed Royal Crown Derby old Imari frog ltd. edition 119 signed S. Rowe est. 120-150

93 Boxed Royal Crown Derby Goviers of Sydmouth red tie teddy signed Cheryl Hallam together with enamel box and plate

est. 300-350

94 Boxed Royal Crown Derby drummer bear with gold stopper signature edition together with enamel box and plate est. 270-


95 Qty. of silver plated ware including tray and teapot together with silver serviette ring, pepper pot etc. est. 20-30

96 Collection of press photography negatives and scrap book believed to come from focus press est.

97 Five boxed Matchbox models est. 20-40

98 Boxed Corgi 1109 articulated truck est. 15-25

99 Boxed Dinky hay rake est. 30-50

100 Boxed Dinky 212 Cortina est. 30-40

101 Qty. of playworn diecast vehicles to include Lesney, Matchbox etc. est. 20-40

102 Qty. of playworn diecast yesteryear vehicles together with Corgi est. 20-40

103 Boxed Corgi Porche Carrera 6 no. 330 est. 20-30

104 Oriental vase together with another est. 20-30

105 Oriental vase (examine) est. 30-40

106 Oriental floral design vase est. 30-40

107 Bohemian style vase est. 20-30

108 Staffordshire fireside dog est. 20-40

109 Royal Doulton Disneys 101 Dalmatians Pongo DM6 est. 10-20

110 Ceramic bust of a woman est. 10-20

111 Large EPNS pedestal fruit bowl est. 20-30

112 Qty. of costume jewellery, watches, a hat, linen together with a jewellery box est. 20-30

113 Three Poole Pottery cats est. 30-40

114 Poole Pottery dolphin together with a seal and an otter est. 25-35

115 Decorative glass door stop est. 30-40

116 Carton containing qty. of Wade whimseys est. 15-30

117 Carton of curios inc. opera glasses, trinket boxes and a measure est. 20-30

118 Exclusiv pipe tobacco advertising figure est. 60-80

119 Thomas Radford Sundays fantasy tobacco advertising figure est. 60-80

120 Framed collection of tobacco tins and packets est. 80-120

121 Two white metal cocks est. 30-40

122 Copeland Spode toby jug together with Burlington Long John Silver toby jug est. 30-50

123 Four Lladro bells together with a Lladro clock est. 20-30

124 Two Capidimonte fish ornaments together with two busts est. 15-25

125 Four continental clown figurines est. 20-30

126 Two boxed Staffordshire enamel trinket pots est. 10-20

127 Modern sculpture ornament est. 15-25

128 Couple sat on a bench figurine La. Genzina E. Tezza est. 10-20

129 Lladro figurine of a boy with baseball bat est. 20-30

130 Two Lladro figurines of girls wearing hats (examine) est. 20-30

131 Lladro figurine oriental girl with fan est. 20-30

132 Two Lladro figurines of girls with hats est. 30-40

133 Two Lladro figurines of girls with hats est. 30-40

134 Lladro figurine of oriental girl est. 20-30

135 Lladro figurine oriental girl with two fans est. 20-30

136 Six framed silver plaques depicting books by the author Jane Austen est. 30-40

137 Goebels Hummel figurine of a skier est. 20-30

138 Goebels Hummel figurine of a chimney sweep est. 20-30

139 Beswick Jemimah puddle duck figurine boxed est. 10-20

140 Qty. of ceramics to include Brown Westhead and Moore shorter Beswick and a Zennith jug est. 20-30

141 Crown Ducal Charlotte Rhead stich vase together with countryside jug and a majolica style blackberry jug est. 80-120

142 Large Poole Pottery boat dish est. 30-40

143 Three graduated jugs est. 20-30

144 Present and Sons decorative bowl, crescent ware George Jones? Design bowl est. 30-60

145 Four Royal Doulton graduated harvest jugs est. 70-120

146 Lidded pedestal bowl on dish est. 10-20

147 Blue murano style bowl est. 30-40

148 Royal Crown Derby coffee set cased est. 80-120

149 Four Leonardo collection figurines est. 15-30

150 Pair of Moorcroft Hibiscus candle sticks est. 40-60

151 Moorcroft squirrel year plate second series ltd. edition 110/500 est. 60-80

152 Bull dog figurine together with a shorter fisherman toby jug est. 20-30

153 Large Poole Pottery jug together with three small dishes est. 30-40

154 Collection of bunnykins figurines est. 20-40

155 Royal Doulton Gladstone jug est. 20-40

156 Poole Pottery square vase est. 30-50

157 Betby vase together with a jardinière for Liberty and Fishly and a Holland glazed jug est. 40-60

158 Honiton Weston jug est. 15-30

159 Crystal ice bucket est. 20-40

160 Qty. of cased cutlery together with a silver push and shove est. 20-30

161 Slate mantle clock est. 10-20

162 Minton Majolica jardinière with attributed to Cicely Mary Barkers fairys est. 80-120

163 Leather top hat box including a large size top hat by Lincoln Bennett and Co. est. 80-120

164 Cased cutlery set est. 20-30

165 Qty. of cameras inc. Petri TTL, Miranda, various lenses etc. est. 15-25

166 Brass pedestal plate depicting an angel inscribed E.T. Roma Fvit est. 20-30

167 Qty. of Olympic greats cigarette cards est. 20-30

168 Wooden writing slope est. 30-40

169 Qty. of snooker balls est. 10-20

170 Tantalus with three decanters est. 50-60

171 Two albums of Royal Mail postcards est. 30-40

172 Carton containing qty. of curios inc. a beaded purse, bangles, cigarette holders etc. est. 20-30

173 Boxed P & O white metal champagne boots

174 Modern chess set est. 15-25

175 Qty. of metal chess pieces est. 10-20

176 Boxed Royal Crown Derby bottle nose dolphin with gold stopper est. 80-120

177 Boxed Royal Crown Derby swan with gold stopper est. 50-80

178 Boxed Royal Crown Derby tropical fish Gourami with gold stopper est. 90-110

179 Boxed Royal Crown Derby dapple quail with gold stopper est. 40-60

180 Boxed Royal Crown Derby red leg partridge with gold stopper est. 50-80

181 Boxed Royal Crown Derby rockhopper penguin with gold stopper est. 40-60

182 Boxed Royal Crown Derby quail with gold stopper est. 150-200

183 Boxed Royal Crown Derby cockatoo ltd. Edition 388/2500 with gold stopper est. 80-120

184 Boxed Royal Crown Derby welbeck squirrel ltd. Edition 287/1250 with gold stopper est. 60-80

185 Boxed Royal Crown Derby partridge ltd. Edition 92/4500 with gold stopper est.

186 Boxed Royal Crown Derby catnip edition est. 50-80

187 Boxed Royal Crown Derby teal with gold stopper est. 50-80

188 Boxed Royal Crown Derby owl with ceramic stopper est. 200-250

189 Boxed Royal Crown Derby mallard duck with gold stopper est. 40-60

190 Boxed Royal Crown Derby polar bear (connaught house) signature edition of 1500 with gold stopper est. 60-100

191 Boxed Royal Crown Derby fairy wren with gold stopper est. 40-60

192 Boxed Royal Crown Derby harbour seal ltd. Edition 188/4500 signed with gold stopper est. 60-80

193 Boxed Royal Crown Derby wax wing with gold stopper est. 30-50

194 Boxed Royal Crown Derby river bank beaver ltd. Edition 2412/5000 signed with gold stopper est. 60-80

195 Royal Crown Derby tropical fish koran angel fish and a chevroned butterfly fish no stoppers or boxes est. 140-180

196 Three items of sylvac pottery depicting swans est. 25-35

197 Qty. of hornsea and sylvac ornaments depicting squirrels etc. est. 20-30

198 Qty. of green glazed animal ornaments est. 20-30

199 Royal Doulton figurine BiddyPennyfarthing HN1843 est. 40-60

200 Brass bound writing slope est. 20-30

201 Boxed Royal Crown Derby millennium bug with gold stopper est. 30-50

202 Boxed Royal Crown Derby mandarin with gold stopper est. 40-60

203 Boxed Royal Crown Derby collectors guild firecrest with gold stopper est. 40-60

204 Boxed Royal Crown Derby rabbit with gold stopper est. 30-50

205 Ltd. edition boxed Royal Crown Derby signed Sue Rowe polar bear, Rocky mountain bear, and Cheryl Hallan bear est.


206 Boxed Royal Crown Derby duck with gold stopper est. 40-60

207 Boxed Royal Crown Derby coot with gold stopper est. 40-60

208 Boxed Royal Crown Derby terrapin with gold stopper est. 40-60

209 Boxed Royal Crown Derby country mouse with gold stopper est. 30-50

210 Boxed Royal Crown Derby playful kitten with gold stopper est. 30-50

211 Boxed Royal Crown Derby blue tit with gold stopper est. 40-60

212 Boxed Royal Crown Derby penguin and chick with gold stopper est. 50-80

213 Boxed Royal Crown Derby debenham grey squirrel with gold stopper est. 60-80

214 Boxed Royal Crown Derby orchard hedgehog exclusive for the Royal Crown Derby collectors guild with gold stopper est.


215 Boxed Royal Crown Derby pheasant with gold stopper est. 70-100

216 Ltd. edition boxed Royal Crown Derby millennium paperweights to include dove plate and trinket pot est. 200-300

217 Boxed Royal Crown Derby contented kitten with gold stopper est. 30-50

218 Boxed Royal Crown Derby meadow rabbit signed exclusive for the Royal Crown Derby collectors guild with gold stopper

est. 40-60

219 Boxed Royal Crown Derby snowy rabbit with gold stopper est. 30-50

220 Boxed Royal Crown Derby linnet bird with gold stopper est. 40-60

221 Boxed Royal Crown Derby wren with gold stopper est. 30-50

222 Boxed Royal Crown Derby tropical fish sweetlips with gold stopper est. 50-80

223 Boxed Royal Crown Derby red squirrel with gold stopper est. 40-60

224 Boxed Royal Crown Derby frog with gold stopper signed est. 60-80

225 Boxed Royal Crown Derby schoolboy teddy with gold stopper est. 40-60

226 Boxed Royal Crown Derby brown pelican with gold stopper est. 40-60

227 Boxed Royal Crown Derby nut hatch with gold stopper est. 30-50

228 Boxed Royal Crown Derby cock with gold stopper est. 60-80

229 Boxed Royal Crown Derby blue jay with gold stopper est. 40-60

230 Boxed Royal Crown Derby puffin with gold stopper est. 40-60

231 Boxed Royal Crown Derby contented cat with gold stopper est. 40-60

232 Boxed Royal Crown Derby sleeping dormouse signed with gold stopper est. 20-40

233 Boxed Royal Crown Derby tawny owl with gold stopper est. 50-80

234 Boxed Royal Crown Derby bullfinch est. 40-60

235 Boxed Royal Crown Derby bee-eater with gold stopper est. 40-60

236 Boxed Royal Crown Derby lorikeet ltd edition no. 323/2500 with gold stopper est. 80-120

237 Boxed Royal Crown Derby squirrel with gold stopper est. 100-150

238 Boxed Royal Crown Derby chicken with gold stopper est. 60-80

239 Beswick short horned bull Ch.Gwereyli Lord Oxford 7th 600-800

240 Bag of costume jewellery est. 40-50

241 Bag of costume jewellery est. 40-50

242 Six watches est. 15-25

243 Silver Egyptian scarab beetle bracelet est. 100-120

244 Silver amber wide bracelet est. 80-100

245 3 stone diamond / sapphire 18ct gold ring est. 250-300

246 Diamond cluster ring 18ct gold est. 350-400

247 1920s diamond / sapphire 18ct ring est. 350-400

248 Emerald / diamond clover shape 18ct ring est. 180-220

249 Diamond solitaire approx. 1.25ct 18ct gold ring est. 1500-2000

250 Jaeger Lecoultre rare duo plan rear wind watch est. 800-1000

251 Diamond pin in 15ct head 9ct pin est. 100-120

252 Deco platinum sapphire diamond ring est. 330-350

253 9ct gold stone set shield ring est. 80-120

254 Platinum sapphire / diamond eternity ring est. 300-350

255 Emerald / diamond gold ring est. 40-60

256 Masonic 9ct gold pendant est. 60-80

257 18ct heavy topaz / diamond earrings est. 250-300

258 9ct gold snake ring est. 100-120

259 Diamond 18ct screw back gold earrings est. 200-220

260 Tiffany & Co. silver bangle est. 60-80

261 Six old silver rings est. 30-40

262 Diamond solitaire ring approx. 4.05 ct .Pk. clarity approx i set in heavy 18 gram gold ring est. 7000-8000

263 18ct white gold diamond cluster ring est. 150-250

264 18ct gold 2 stone diamond ring est. 550-650

265 9ct gold with diamond chip ring est. 80-120

266 18ct white gold 3 stone diamond ring est. 250-350

266a 18ct white gold? and white stone ring est. 150-200

267 9ct gold citrine and small diamonds ring est. 40-60

268 9ct gold citrine and small diamonds ring est. 40-60

269 9ct gold mystic topaz and diamond ring est. 40-60

270 9ct gold amethyst and small diamonds ring est. 40-60

271 9ct gold ruby and small diamond ring est. 40-60

272 Two 9ct gold rings est. 70-100

273 14ct gold ring with clear and coloured stones est. 50-80

274 9ct gold ring with small diamonds est. 50-80

275 9ct gold diamond and ruby ring est. 70-90

276 Four 9ct gold rings est. 120-180

277 Two 9ct gold rings together with a 9ct gold brooch est. 80-120

278 Tiffany & Co. silver necklace and matching bracelet est. 50-80

279 Silver 925 necklace and matching bracelet est. 50-80

280 Small qty. of silver jewellery est. 20-30

281 Qty. of silver and white metal rings together with a jewellery box est. 40-60

282 Silver necklace and earing set together with a silver ring est. 20-30

283 Qty. of silver and white metal jewellery est. 30-40

284 Silver charm bracelet est. 40-60

285 9ct gold ring with white stones est. 40-60

286 Three 9ct gold rings est. 90-120

287 Four 9ct gold rings est. 120-160

288 Qty. of 9ct gold necklaces, bracelets etc. together with cultured pearls with gold clasps est. 200-250

289 9ct gold pendant together with 9ct gold earrings est. 70-100

290 Silver necklace and matching earrings est. 20-30

291 Silver pendant, bracelet, earing and ring set est. 20-30

292 Small qty. of silver jewellery est. 20-30

293 Silver nurses belt buckle est. 30-50

294 Silver charm bracelet est. 30-50

295 Small qty. of silver jewellery est. 20-30

296 Qty. of silver and white metal rings est. 20-30

297 Qty. of costume and unmarked white metal jewellery est. 20-40

298 UK 1980 gold proof set est. 2000-2500

299 100 greatest cars silver miniature collection est. 150-200

300 Kings and queens of England sterling silver proof set est. 750-850

301 Silver horn ornament together with a white metal cow ornament est. 30-40

302 Silver topped and glass perfume bottle together with a silver lidded glass pot est. 30-40

303 Silver plated yacht ornament together with a white metal ink well est. 20-40

304 Silver and wood pedestal clock est. 30-50

305 Pair of silver candle sticks est. 30-50

306 Pair of silver candelabra candle sticks est. 40-60

307 White metal pocket watch depicting hunting dog scenes est. 25-35

308 Qty. of silver and white metal handled glove stretcher and shoe horns etc. est. 30-40

309 Qty. of silver walking stick / umbrella handles est. 30-40

310 Qty. of silver walking stick / umbrella handles est. 30-40

311 Qty. of silver walking stick / umbrella handles est. 30-40

312 One silver walking cane handle together with a silver collared walking stick handle est. 30-40

313 18ct rolled gold walking stick cane est. 20-30

314 Silver cased christening set est. 20-30

315 Wooden horse netsuke est. 20-30

316 Three silver walking cane tops est. 30-40

317 Two netsukes one dragon one carved est. 30-40

318 Two netsukes dancing frogs and a sage man signed est. 30-40

319 Wooden netsuke man holding head est. 15-25

320 Wooden netsuke man holding head est. 15-25

321 Elephant netsuke est. 25-40

322 Two netsukes one turtle one piggy est. 30-40

323 Netsuke frog on rock walrus and a signed mermaid est. 30-50

324 Pair of silea salad servers est. 40-60

325 Six cased silver teaspoons est. 60-80

326 Platter formada pedro duran bottle coaster est. 15-30

327 Six Danish sterling shellfish forks est. 25-30

328 Cased silver car plaques est. 60-80

329 Cased set of six silver spoons est. 15-30

330 Early cased carriage clock est. 180-220

331 Inlaid Edwardian mantle clock est. 60-80

332 Qty. of curios inc. portable ink wells, cane tops and gavel together with a silver rimmed oriental vase est. 60-80

333 Large qty. of silver and white metal propelling pencils est. 80-120

334 Qty. of metal propelling pencils etc. est. 20-30

335 Collection of fountain pens inc. Parker etc. est. 30-40

336 Collection of propelling pencils est. 25-35

337 Qty. of fountain pens est. 40-60

338 Silver card case with leather interior est. 40-60

339 Large silver server spoon together with a silver teaspoon est. 50-70

340 18ct gold and diamond necklace together with matching earrings est. 1500-2000

341 Qty. of ephemera to include shipping menus, leases, play programmes etc. est. 20-30

342 Qty. of costume jewellery together with silver pocket watch and qty. of coins est. 35-45

343 Jewellery box containing a qty. of costume jewellery, watches, coins etc. est. 15-25

344 Qty. of costume jewellery including watches est. 20-30 345 Qty. of miniature frames inc. micro mosaic etc. est. 40-60

346 Qty. of costume jewellery, buttons, cufflinks, inc. some silver est. 20-30

347 Carton containing qty. of costume jewellery and jewellery boxes est. 15-25

348 Qty. of Wade Whimseys est. 10-20

349 Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen coffee set est. 15-30

350 Pottery vase (examine) est. 10-20

351 Tamaron camera lens in case est. 10-20

352 Qty. of kensistas cigarette silks on flags est. 10-20

353 WW1 medals together with regiment medals est. 30-40

354 Two framed profile silhouette miniatures by Enid Elliott Linder est. 25-35

355 Zeppelin LZ85 metal trophy shot down by HMS Agamenmon dated May 6th 1916 together with a letter from the curator of

artefacts at the National Naval Museum Portsmouth est.

356 Ebony and ivory cane est. 80-120

357 Rams head walking stick est. 40-60

358 Silver sheath with jockey ivory head stick est. 150-200

359 Silver topped wooden walking stick est. 100-150

360 Gold topped walking stick est. 200-250

361 Moorcroft natural vase est. 70-110

362 Moorcroft cascade 2003 vase est. 90-140

363 Lorna bailey Aztec jug ltd. Edition 195/200 est. 60-80

364 Lorna bailey odyssey teapot ltd. Edition 127/350 est. 50-80

365 Carltonware Lorna Bailey charger plate ltd. Edition 3/100 est. 40-60

366 Early German stein est. 70-100

367 19th century Chinese dragon vase est. 70-100

368 Oriental carved figure together with two carved candlesticks est. 30-50

369 Postcard album containing large qty. of railway and miniature railway postcards est. 250-300

370 Qty. of masonic items to include various silver medals, ephemera etc. in case est. 40-60

371 Deactivated side by side shotgun by D. Williamson est. 40-60

372 Framed and glazed oil on board depicting a shoreline scene J.K. est. 20-30

373 Framed and glazed watercolour depicting the old custom house on Poole Quay signed Broyd est. 30-50

374 Three wall mirrors inc. one bevel edged oval mirror est. 20-30

375 Two framed and glazed lithographs est. 20-30

376 Framed authentic and genuine holographed letter written by John Empson senior dated 1851 est. 30-50

377 Framed authentic and genuine letter written by Lord Rosebery from London in 1768 est. 30-50

378 Victorian nursery chair est. 30-50

379 Herald HL44 guitar in case with stand est. 15-30

380 Glazed display unit of a linenfold design est. 15-30

381 Large qty. of silver plate inc. trays, ice bucket coffee pot etc. est. 30-40

382 Limoges coffee set est. 60-80

383 Contemporary wall unit with glazed doors est. 10-20

384 Large qty of ceramics including Crown Devon, Poole etc est. 20-30

385 Electric Orla organ GT5000 together with stool together with large qty of sheet music est. 60-80

386 Stag double wardrobe with drawer together with two matching bedside cabinets est. 20-40

387 Sheet music cabinet with drop down drawers est. 20-30

388 Early double wardrobe with drawers under and mirror door est. 30-50

389 Three modern hanging mirrors est. 10-20

390 Teak dressing table together with two matching bedside drawers est. 20-40

391 Similar teak chest of drawers 2+2 est. 10-20

392 Similar teak chest of drawers (5) with matching TV stand est. 10-20

393 Candle table together with another occasional table est. 15-25

394 Carved sewing box on castors (examine) together with two hanging lamps est. 10-20 395 Beko 20" LCD television with remote est. 20-30

396 Octagonal table est. 20-30

397 Pair of wicker seat chairs est. 10-20

398 Drop leaf dining table est. 10-20

399 Two table lamps est. 40-60

400 British Alcosa bellows together with wicker chair est. 20-40

401 Reproduction spinning wheel est. 10-20

402 Lead lattice bookcase est. 10-20

403 Bosch washing machine est. 20-40

404 Wooden garden bench with metal ends est. 15-25

405 Wooden garden bench with metal ends est. 15-25

406 Pair of parlour chairs est. 10-20

407 Carton containing a qty of early teddys etc est. 20-30

408 Six boxes of mixed topographical postcards est. 20-40

409 Qty of Jersey pottery etc est. 10-20

410 Brexton picnic case est. 15-25

411 Large qty of ornaments, jugs, vases glassware etc est. 10-20 (on one shelf)

412 Qty of collectors plates, ornaments, Wedgwood trinket pots est. 20-30

413 Qty of Breweriana to include jugs, cups plates etc est. 20-30

414 Carton containing large qty of Withersea pottery depicting squirrels, fawns etc est. 20-30

415 Carton containing qty of Bossons glass etc est. 10-20

416 Qty of garden stoneware and reconstituted ornaments est. 10-20

417 19" HD Technika digital LCD television est. 40-60

418 Beko A class fridge freezer est. 40-60

419 Stag chest of drawers with multi drawers est. 20-30

420 Two Glazed counter top display cabinets est. 30-40

421 Oak drop leaf table est. 10-20

422 Carton containing a qty of woodware, warming pan, scales etc est. 10-20

423 Teak cupboard containing a large qty of LP's and 33,s, cassettes etc est. 20-40

424 Cake stand together with wicker seat stool est. 20-30

425 Contemporary tripod table est. 10-20

426 Large circular dining table on tripod base together with a set of six dining chairs est. 40-60

427 Pair of fireside dogs together with metal ware for garden bench (distressed condition) est. 15-25

428 Electric Dimplex fire est. 10-20

429 Reproduction drum table together with a candle table est. 20-40

430 Reproduction drum table on tripod base est. 20-30

431 Large proportion library desk with pull up back est. 100-200

432 Qty of Royal Doulton Frost Pine dinnerware together with blue glasses est. 15-25

433 Carton containing large qty of metal ware including brass, white metal etc est. 10-20

434 Two brass standard lamps and shades est. 20-30

435 Mahogany writing slope est. 20-30

436 Oak refectory table together with six matching chairs including two carvers est. 20-40

437 Wall hanging tapestry on wooden pole est. 15-25

438 Extending refectory table together with six chairs including two carvers est. 20-30

439 Qty of wall lamps est. 20-40

440 Qty of glassware to include paperweights etc est. 20-30

441 Large qty of mixed collectables including pictures, Piqet ware, part tea set, clocks, cutlery etc est. 20-30

442 Large qty of cut glass etc est. 20-30

443 Part dinner service by Royal Tuscan, part Colclough teaset etc est. 10-20

444 Qty of white glassware est. 20-40

445 Leather bound drinks case together with brass fireguard est. 10-20

446 Large qty of blue glass together with ceramics etc est. 20-30 (two shelves)

447 Qty of ceramics and glass ware including brass candlesticks etc est. 10-20

448 Qty of Dinky and other military diecast vehicles est. 10-20

449 Carton containing a qty of soldiers various makes some plastic est. 10-20

450 Knitting machine est. 10-20

451 Carton containing small qty of ceramics including Port Merion, Wedgwood etc est. 10-20

452 Two boxed Lladro figures est. 20-30

453 Inlaid jewellery box containing large qty buttons, watches etc together with other woodware est. 15-25

454 Carton containing qty of modern table lamps together with wall hanging mirror est. 10-20

455 Qty of Herend and Fenton ware ceramics est. 20-40

456 Two metal trunks est. 20-40

457 Qty of dinner and tea ware including mid winter Marquis of Queensbury etc est. 10-20

458 Oak dresser est. 20-30

459 Large qty of framed and glazed pictures est. 10-20

460 Two cartons containing a large qty of ceramics, glassware etc est. 15-25

461 Modern pine chest of drawers (5 Drawer) est. 15-25

462 Framed oil on depicting flowers signed indistinct together with another est. 10-20

463 Pine side table with drawer est. 20-30

464 Delonghi infrared gas heater est. 10-20

465 Salter shop scales est. 10-20

466 Three white chairs

467 Oak occasional table est. 10-20

468 Carton containing qty of metal ware, brass ware, pictures etc est. 10-20

469 Carton containing a qty of cutlery including cased set est. 10-20

470 Barometer (examine) together with two barley twist wooden candle sticks est. 20-40

471 Mahogany breakfast table on central base est. 50-80

472 Corner display case est. 5-10

473 Susie Cooper design Wedgwood Glen Mist coffee set together with plates and dishes est. 50-80 (inside lot 472)

474 Three wooden occasional tables together with a chair est. 15-25

475 Wall hanging mirror together with TV stand est. 10-20

476 Pine kitchen table est. 20-30

477 Qty of badges, keyrings, watches etc est. 10-20

478 Bang and Olufsen record deck BEOCENTRE 2200 in original packaging and speakers est. 20-30

479 Camera bag containing Minolta camera equipment including camera etc est. 15-25

480 Qty of small furniture to include footstool, book rest, bookshelf, pot cupboard, directors chair etc est. 20-30

481 Metal garden table and two chairs est. 10-20

482 Stag blanket box est. 15-25

483 Chest of drawers 2+2 together with piano stool and another est. 10-20

484 Reproduction side table with two drawers est. 10-20

485 Salters trade scales est. 15-30

486 Hotpoint tumble dryer est. 20-30

487 Creda automatic eco dryer est. 20-30

488 Two modern pine chest of drawers est. 20-40

489 Tray containing a large collection of miniature Tetley tea ornaments together with tins, mugs, clock etc est. 10-20

490 Beswick Chaffinch 991 boxed est. 15-25

491 Beswick Greenfinch 2105 boxed est. 15-25

492 Beswick Stonechat 2274 boxed est. 15-25

493 Beswick Blue Tit 992 boxed est. 15-25

494 Beswick Bullfinch 1048 boxed est. 15-25 495 Beswick Grey Wagtail 1041 boxed est. 15-25

496 Qty of thimbles together with other sewing related items est. 20-40

497 Contemporary TV stand est. 20-30

498 32" LCD Humax slimline television est. 60-80

499 Four framed oils on canvas depicting rural countryside and sea scenes (one signed) est. 20-30

500 Framed and glazed tapestry of a seagull est. 10-20

501 Four wicker wooden topped dining chairs est. 20-40

502 Two carver chairs est. 10-20

503 Pair of wicker conservatory chairs with cushions est. 20-40

504 Set of four stick back chairs est. 15-25

505 Set of four dining room chairs est. 15-25

506 Pair of modern wooden rocking chairs est. 20-30

507 Lane cedar chest est. 100-150

508 Stag triple wardrobe est. 20-40

509 Two inlaid bedroom chairs est. 10-20

510 Stag chest of multi drawers est. 20-40

511 Japanese tea set together with small qty of ceramics est. 10-20

512 Corner display cabinet with cupboard under est. 10-20

513 Part tea and dinner service together with glass est. 10-20

514 Large gilt framed overmantle mirror est. 20-40

515 Large ornate framed wall hanging mirror est. 20-40

516 Six early limed oak dining chairs est. 20-40

517 Collection of vintage suitcases est. 20-40

518 Gents Raleigh genesis bicycle est. 10-20

519 Large Limoges dinner service est. 100-150

520 Oak tilt top table est. 20-30

521 Mantle clock est. 15-25

522 Stag dressing table together with stag chest of drawers 4+2 est. 40-60

523 Qty of glass to include four cranberry glasses, powder bowl etc est. 10-20

524 Qty of Aynsley to include cake stand (examine), teacups and saucers etc est. 15-25

525 Wall hanging mirror in heavily carved frame est. 20-40

526 Qty of soldiers in stand est. 10-20

527 Glazed display cabinet with bow front est. 10-20

528 Large qty of ornaments, collectors plates including Poole etc est. 20-30 (inside lot 527)

529 Qty of glass ware etc est. 10-20

530 Overwall hanging mirror in ornate frame est. 10-20

531 Two framed and glazed watercolours depicting Beth's restaurant the Quay, Hamble and a river scene (monogrammed

and signed) est. 15-25

532 Qty of ceramics to include vases etc est. 15-25

533 Qty of plated ware to include a gents manicure set, tie press, gas mask, flatback Staffordshire dog etc est. 15-30

534 Qty of plated ware including boxed set of butter knives est. 10-20

535 Large qty of ceramic bells est. 15-25

536 Two walking sticks together with truncheon and instruments connected with mining explosives etc est. 20-40

537 Carton containing a qty of pocket watches, coins including early crown, etc est. 20-30

538 Qty of boxed Corgi diecast vehicles etc est. 10-20

539 Large qty of thimbles together with mixing bowls, collectable teapot, collectors plates etc est. 15-25

540 Qty of glass ware to included boxed set, decanters etc est. 10-20

541 Large qty of dinner and tea ware by Johnson Brother 'Grey Dawn' est. 15-30

542 Large qty of glass ware including glass vases etc est. 15-30

543 Carton containing qty of airfix models etc est. 10-20

544 Carton containing large qty of ceramics, tea ware glass ware etc est. 10-20

545 Wooden model of 15thC carrack named Saint Ursula est. 20-40

546 Three mantle clocks est. 15-25

547 Qty of ceramics including collectors plates etc est. 10-20

548 Qty of modern vases together with a coffee pot and sylvac vase est. 15-25

549 Qty of Giles books together with various others including Beatles book and compilation records together with cameras est.


550 Noahs Ark display together with a qty of handpainted sculptures est. 15-30

551 Qty of glassware including cut glass, Bohemia, etc est. 20-40

552 Two shelves containing a qty of ceramics and glass ware including whiskey flasks etc est. 15-25

553 Qty of art related books est. 10-20

554 Wooden model of an early sailing ship est. 20-30

555 Qty of wood ware est. 15-30

556 Two cartons of books on various subjects including coins etc est. 15-25

557 Qty of glass decanters est. 15-30

558 Qty of lego together with instruction pamphlets est. 10-20

559 Carton containing a qty of theatre and play brochures est. 15-25

560 Carton of toys including Days Gone By boxed etc est. 15-25

561 Qty of dolls house furniture etc est. 15-25

562 Metal stick stand together with large qty of walking sticks, ski poles etc est. 20-30

563 Framed and glazed map of Hampshire est. 10-20

564 Framed silk together with engraving and a watercolour depicting a barn est. 10-20

565 Gilt framed wall hanging mirror est. 15-25

566 Ercol coffee table est. 40-60

567 Small qty of ceramics to include crown devon vase, Zsolnay bowl and early jug est. 15-25

568 Large ornate silver bowl est. 430-480
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