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  1. The Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

The Post Graduate Diploma in management (PGDM) is two-year, full-time program. During the two years of PGDM, the student will receive academic inputs in two parts, namely, the Compulsory package and the Elective package. Distinct objectives will be served by each package. Largely, the compulsory package will be in the first year and the elective packages would be in the second year. The input of the compulsory package is essential for all managers. The overlap between the compulsory package and the elective package will be minimal. The main objective of the PGDM is to groom students into competent professional managers with:

  1. A capacity to learn and adapt to national and international environment.

  1. An orientation towards achieving excellence, maintaining high ethical standards

  1. A capacity to work effectively and efficiently, both individually and in-groups.

The Compulsory package occupies approximately 60‐65% of the total curriculum, which includes several organization‐based projects. The aim of the compulsory package is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge, skills and techniques, contextual understanding, and overall perspective, necessary for general management. Compulsory coursework will provide broad training to students that will help them in career flexibility and mobility. It will also help them move towards general management positions where the challenges and the contributions may be the greatest.

The mixture of compulsory and elective courses will help the students to develop an in‐ depth understanding of the interrelationships crucial to successful business management.

This will enable them to be more effective


their jobs while

being sensitive to

the issues and challenges confronting people


the other parts of

the organisation.

In the second year, students will get a deeper understanding of areas of their interest through a package of elective courses. Second year students may choose to concentrate on particular topics or areas of their interest. Since most of the students are likely to start their careers in one of the functional areas, the specialization in the second year helps build the special skills required for those areas. Typical concentrations will be; finance, human resources management, information technology, international business, marketing, operations management, and strategy. There may be a few compulsory courses in the second year. The second year courses will have high project components so that students get more practical exposure.

The aim of the first year curriculum and the core courses in the second year is to provide students with the fundamental skills and techniques necessary for any

1 | P a g e

manager. Following may be emphasized for maximum learning’s and orientation’s for industries:

  1. Experiential Learning

  1. International Focus

  1. Information Technology Orientation

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