Sagittarius Full Moon – June 2, 2015

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Sagittarius Full Moon – June 2, 2015

This Full Moon in Sagittarius (Sun in Gemini) helps us see more easily beyond the constraints of material reality, to glimpse new and more expansive vistas. Traveling beyond the borders of our early programming and ingrained fears and beliefs, Sagittarius seeks answers to the meaning of life. As we free ourselves from the limited thinking of our analytical mind (Gemini) we comprehend life from a more inclusive viewpoint (Sagittarius). We can see things in much broader terms and our awareness of the higher dimensions expands. The gift of this Full Moon is the opportunity to develop a wider vision and more global consciousness.

Sagittarius gains wisdom through the myriad experiences of life, through different cultures, religions and philosophies. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is the largest planet in our solar system and symbolizes our potential for ever greater understanding and expansion of consciousness. When mythic Zeus (Jupiter) first appeared in Greece, he was felt as a Sacred Presence on the hilltops, falling as the gentle rain or seen in the night sky as lightening or thunder. Our Sagittarian energy has the spark of illumination and inspiration of Zeus, helping us understand our soul mission and make progress toward our spiritual goals. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, known in Greek myth as Hermes, the god who could traverse Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. This symbolizes the capacity of our minds to mediate between the super-conscious, conscious and unconscious realms. Joseph Campbell reminds us that:

We are in trouble because we don’t recognize that the god’s energies are our own energies. We don’t understand that the energies personified in the god are the very energies of our own lives. We don’t realize that the gods are not out there somewhere. They live in us. They are the energies of life itself.”

Where the Moon at 12 degrees Sagittarius falls in our charts we have the opportunity to be in touch with the sacred energy of Zeus, our spiritual Selves. As we tune in with our trusty inner guide, we can release the untapped potential within our own being, our spark of God within, which lights up the wisdom of our hearts. Indeed, the evolutionary intent of Sagittarius is Love through Wisdom, the wisdom reflected in the ultimate truths contained in universal law.

Bear in mind that love divorced from wisdom is no longer love. You must learn to distinguish between true, impartial and compassionate love and emotionalism, which will sweep you off your feet and destroy love. To love is to give the highest and truest within you to your brother-sister: to love is to give the light from your own soul… this is love.” White Eagle

Through the experiences of this area of life, we become aware of our true place in the universe. Faraway destinations of the soul await us as we take the necessary leaps of faith. To successfully work through our challenges we must understand the perfect outworking of universal law. Here it is important to avoid the dark side of Sagittarius which can result in bigotry and dogmatism. Where are we being fooled or fooling ourselves? We are reminded that:

The supreme law of the land is the Great Spirit’s law, not man’s law.” Hopi Indian proverb

The evolutionary intent of Gemini is Brotherhood through Wisdom. Where the Sun at 12 degrees Gemini falls in our charts, we are learning when to speak and when to remain silent. Here we are developing our communication skills in order to convey our thoughts in positive ways. We must avoid the shadow side of Gemini, the tendency to be superficial, indecisive, inconsistent and impatient. This results in scattered effort, dissipated talents and lack of purpose.

The power of thought is the creative power of all life. As you think, so you become; and so you create the conditions that are around you.” White Eagle

The mission of both Gemini and Sagittarius is to reconcile our two minds, the rational mind with the intuition, the mortal with the divine. The higher mind, or mind in the heart (Sagittarius), shows us the way forward, while the analytical mind of earth (Gemini) comes up with the ideas that can effectively implement our purpose, our soul mission in this lifetime.

This Full Moon forms a T-square with Neptune, helping us quiet the busy analytical mind. We can then switch to a different wavelength and tune into the wisdom deep within our soul. In these turbulent times, it is vital to take time for meditation in order to stay centered.

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep silence inside you.” Deepak Chopra
The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 12 degrees Sagittarius: “A flag that turns into an eagle that crows.”

The eagle flies higher and closer to the Sun than any other bird. It symbolizes not only power, but transcendence, our ability to rise in consciousness, to see and understand ourselves beyond our national identity, as part of a world without divisions, as part of a global family. We can then speak and act from the love and wisdom of our hearts.
The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 12 degrees Gemini: “A Topsy saucily asserting herself.”

Topsy is a fictional character, a black slave child, who had the courage to speak up for her rights. It is time to break out of disrespectful patterns of behavior that violate our dignity or the dignity of others. Whatever side of the situation we may find ourselves, it is vital to speak and live our truth, acting from our cherished values and spiritual principles, our Higher Selves.

“God is the Great Architect of the Universe and He does not play havoc with His material. He builds according to the true law. He lays the stones of the temple of man’s life just, perfect and true.” White Eagle

Heather Threlfall – May 2015 –

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