Sacred Texts and Interpretations Language, Literature, and Film

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Sacred Texts and Interpretations

Language, Literature, and Film

History and Society

Philosophy and Thought

  • The Bible (RN101)

  • Moses (KHCRN101)

  • Religions of the World: Western (RN104)

  • The Hebrew Bible (RN201)

  • From Jesus to Christ: Origins of Christianity (RN202)

  • Scriptures in World Religions (RN206)

  • Judaism (RN216)

  • The Open Heaven: Apocalyptic Lit in Early Judaism and Christianity (RN308)

  • Midrash: Classic Rabbinic Biblical Interpretation (RN 319)

  • Wisdom Tradition in Ancient Israel and Judaism (RN321)

  • Introduction to Rabbinic Literature (RN324)

  • Jewish Mysticism I: Formative Traditions (RN325)

  • Dead Sea Scrolls (RN334)

  • Josephus and Ancient Judaism (RN335/CL315)

  • Gender and Judaism (RN337)

  • Mysticism and Philosophy: Jewish and Islamic Perspectives (RN338)

  • Magical Texts: Literature & Practice (RN494)

  • Hebrew Reading and Exegesis II (STHTO819)

  • Core Texts and Motifs of World Religions: West (RN423/723)

  • Fundamentals of Modern Hebrew I (LH111)*

  • Fundamentals of Modern Hebrew II (LH112)*

  • Intensive First-Year Hebrew (LH139)*

  • Intermediate Modern Hebrew I (LH211)*

  • Intermediate Modern Hebrew II (LH212)

  • Masterpieces of Modern Hebrew Literature (LH 250)

  • Advanced Modern Hebrew: Voices in Israeli Society (LH311)

  • Sixth-Semester Hebrew (LH 312)

  • Hebrew Narrative: Biblical and Modern (LH350)

  • Modern Hebrew Poetry (LH351)

  • Readings in Classical Hebrew (LH320/RN320)

  • Biblical Hebrew I (STHTO723)

  • Biblical Hebrew II (STHTO724)

  • Agnon and Oz: In Search of Modernity (LH282)

  • The Modern Jew (RN339)

  • Representations of the Holocaust in Literature and Film (RN385/XL281)

  • Primo Levi Within Holocaust Literature (RN459/LI459/ XL459)

  • Israeli Culture through Film (LH283)

  • Israeli Popular Music (LH330)

  • Religion and Film (RN203)

  • Israeli Culture through Media (LH340)

  • Holy City: Jerusalem in Time, Space, and the Imagination (RN220)

  • History of Judaism (RN322)

  • Judaism in the Modern Period (RN328)

  • American Jewish Experiences (RN330)

  • Zionism and the State of Israel (RN331)

  • Foundations of Jewish Politics (HI388/RN332)

  • Anti-Semitism (RN333)

  • Josephus and Ancient Judaism (RN335)

  • The Heretical Jew (RN336/XL356)

  • The Modern Jew (RN339)

  • The Holocaust (RN384)

  • Jews in the Modern World (HI219)

  • History of Israel: An Introduction (HI392)

  • History of Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe (HI275)

  • Topics in the History of Israel (HI393)

  • Jews and Germans (HI443)

  • Topics in Jewish History (HI552)

  • Archaeology in the Holy Land (AR342/RN390)

  • Understanding the Middle East (IR382/GE382)

  • Religion, Community, and Culture in Medieval Spain (RN410/710 HI410/710)

  • Jewish Culture (HI276)

  • Topics in Religion & Evil (RN241)

  • Religious Thought: The Quest for God and the Good (RN245)

  • Classical Jewish Thought (RN323)

  • Jewish Mysticism I: Formative Traditions (RN325)

  • Jewish Mystical Movements and Modernization, 1492-2000 (RN326)

  • Modern Jewish Thought (RN329)

  • The Heretical Jew (RN336/XL356)

  • Gender and Judaism (RN337)

  • Mysticism and Philosophy: Jewish and Islamic Perspectives (RN338)

  • Maimonides (RN420/PH409/609)

  • Jewish Bioethics (RN439)

  • Critique of Religion (RN469)

* = Hebrew classes below LH212 that build, but do not count, toward the minor in Jewish studies.

Core class:

RN216 Judaism (to be offered annually)

Topics classes (Automatic approval; no petition required):

  • Topics in Jewish History (CAS HI552)

  • Topics in the History of Israel (HI393)

  • Topics in Judaic Studies (CAS RN499/799).

Advisor approval required; depending on topic

  • Topics in Religion & Evil (CAS RN241)

  • Topics in Ancient Christianity (CAS RN 498/798, STH TH830)

  • Topics in Religion and Literature (CAS RN524, CAS XL560)

  • Topics in Medieval Religious Culture (CAS RN470/770 CAS HI407/707)

  • Topics in Religious Thought (CAS RN452/752)

  • Seminar in Literature (EN220)

  • Topics in Latin America Literature and Culture (CAS LS 452) E.g., topic for Fall 2011: Leaving Home (Borinsky).

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