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Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address

  1. According to Jefferson, what is the “sacred principle” of American constitutional government?

  2. Did members of the Federalist Party have good reason to applaud Jefferson for his proclamation of this sacred principle? Why or why not?

  3. Create a chart in which you list Jefferson’s “essential principles of our Government” (from paragraph 4 of the reading), restating them in your own words, then explaining how these are embodied in the American democracy. (I think there are 15 listed!)

Jefferson’s “essential principle”

Restated (in modern English)

Way this is reflected in our government

“Equal and exact justice to all men…”

All people are equal before the law, regardless of their origin, religion, or political party

Amendments to the Constitution give the accused the right to a fair and speedy trial

  1. Would Alexander Hamilton agree or disagree with Jefferson’s assertions regarding these essential principles? Why, or why not?

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