S. P. I. C. E. Ap world History revolves around major “themes” a great way to remember these themes (and the technique we will be using in class) is the spice acronym

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Interactive: The interactive category examines interaction between humans and the environment. This is literally how humans interact with, adapt to, and change the world around them. The sub-topics of interactive include demography & disease (the people living in the area & the diseases that are there), migration (where people move & why they move around), patterns of settlement (where people settle & why they settle in those places), technology (the technology that both helps & hinder people’s ability to live in a given location).

#1 – Industrial / city living – This fact falls under patterns of settlement. People who worked in the factories generally lived in lower income areas of the cities. This started with the Industrial Revolution and continued through WWII in the U.S. Post-WWII we see a mass migration to the suburbs with the hope of getting away from the dirty, overcrowded city streets.

#2 – Movement west – This fact falls under the sub-topic migration. With the Great Depression, many farmers in the Mid-Western region of the U.S. lost their farms. A lot had only one option, move west and start over.

#3 – Public Works Projects – This fact falls under the sub-topic technology. FDR put a variety of public works projects into place to get people back to work after the Great Depression. Among these included the Hoover Dam, which helped store water for the growing Las Vegas area and allowed settlement post WWII.

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