S. P. I. C. E. Ap world History revolves around major “themes” a great way to remember these themes (and the technique we will be using in class) is the spice acronym

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Political: The Political category deals with state building, expansion and conflict. It doesn’t necessarily just mean the government system in power --- you are actually looking at how governments came together and how government, or lack thereof, affected the people. The sub-topics of political include political structures & forms of governance (the type of government within the country), empires (the large territory a single government/civilization encompasses), nations & nationalism (the nations within the country and overall pride in and devotion to one’s country), wars, revolts & revolutions (war itself, or changes in the government made by force), regional, trans-regional & global structures/organizations (the organizations that join regions, states, and/or countries together for a common goal).

#1 - Franklin D. Roosevelt is President – This fact would fall into political structures & forms of governance. It clearly states who is politically running the U.S. at the start of WWII. Let us not forget, however, that FDR died in office & Harry Truman took over, which could be another piece of evidence in an essay.

#2 – Social Security. This fact falls under regional, trans-regional, & global structures /organizations. Social Security was created in the U.S. as a social welfare program to take money from working citizens and “save” it until said citizen was retirement age, at which point he/she could begin receiving the money saved.

#3 – Pearl Harbor led to US entry. This fact falls under wars, revolts & revolutions. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was the catalyst that led to the United States declaring war against Japan. Being Japan’s ally, Germany then declared war on the United States. This launched the U.S. into a wartime economy, and led to both conscription (the draft), and fighting a war on 2 continents.

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