S. P. I. C. E. Ap world History revolves around major “themes” a great way to remember these themes (and the technique we will be using in class) is the spice acronym

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How to use SPICE

While reading, it is easiest to categorize facts by the SPICE sub-topics. This will help you complete your chapter overviews and your SPICE charts. You need 3 facts for each SPICE sub-topic, simply because you need 3 pieces of evidence for each body paragraph. The rule of 3 is the easiest way to organize your work. As we finish each chapter, you will have a solid review sheet for testing.

Example: Using your knowledge from 7th grade US History during World War II, examine the example chart. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at tofford@interact.ccsd.net

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