S key s9 Crossroads FrnchRv2 Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette

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S9 – Crossroads

-FrnchRv2 - Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette

Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette

Directions: Read pages 62-67 in your text Crossroads – A Meeting of Nations.

1. On a separate piece of paper, provide definitions for the following terms;

Scandal something that draws public attention and criticism

Portfolio the area of responsibility of a government official, for example, defence, the budget.

Deficit the money the government is short each year after it pays the bills

Revolutionary Relating to or being a revolution…or a new way of doing things


  1. The state or quality of being mediocre.

  2. Mediocre ability, achievement, or performance.

  3. One that displays mediocre qualities.

2. On a separate piece of paper, answer the following questions using COMPLETE


  1. Who gave Louis XIV his nickname and why was he called the “Sun King” ( 2 mks for quality of answer)

He gave himself that name because he felt he was the source of all light in the nation.

  1. Describe some of the problems associated with having to do business in France during the reign of Louis XIV. (2 mks for your description and your examples)

Not a good decision maker

Did not understand the problems of the people

Different laws (Based on Roman laws or based on local customs)

Language barriers, some people spoke German

Many taxes and duties levied on the merchants

Shipping goods from Paris to the Med. Sea involved 30 different taxes

Terrible poverty in the country

No support of the middle class

  1. Why was Marie Antoinette hated by the French people? (2 mks for quality of answer and examples)

Marie was an Austrian and many French hated the Austrians because they had been at war with them

She offended many aristocrats with her attitudes about French manners and courtesies

She was out-of-touch with peasants

She was extravagant and spend a lot of money ie Diamond necklace worth more than the annual income of the whole country.

She had no learning

She dismissed people she didn’t like

  1. Describe and provide an example as to how Marie Antoinette did more harm than good when she interfered with the governing of France. (2 mks for quality of answer and example)

She fired people she didn’t agree with without understanding their duties or responsibilities even if they were doing a good job.

  1. We often gain knowledge of people and events by asking questions.

The quality of the questions asked will often determine how

much knowledge can be gained.
Read “The Two Views of Marie Antoinette”

(found on page 67 of your text) and

devise a set of 5 questions that a person could have asked

Marie Antoinette to help determine what type of person she was

before she became Queen of France.
You will be marked out of 5 for your 5 questions and out of 5 for the quality of questions for a total of 10 marks.

Total: ____ / 23

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