S essay question or title ample argumentative essay Should marijuana be a legal drug?

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Essay question or title
ample argumentative essay

Should marijuana be a legal drug?



Responds to essay question. States main points or arguments to be covered in the essay
he issue of whether marijuana should be a legal drug has been a controversial one for many years. One side of the debate says that marijuana is a relatively harmless drug and there would be fewer problems if it were made legal. They even claim additional benefits to society from legalisation. The opposing side says that legalising marijuana will expose the community to huge risks and major health problems. It would seem sensible, therefore, to not proceed with the legalisation of marijuana, and avoid adding to the problems in our society.



Paragraph(s) details reasons ‘for’ legalising marijuana

he people who are in favour of legalisation believe there is little difference between cigarettes and marijuana. If we have easy access to cigarettes, why not the same for marijuana, they say. They maintain that having marijuana readily available would stop people from having contact with drug dealers and the risk of being introduced to harder drugs. Another benefit of legalising marijuana, according to those in favour, is that the Australian hemp industry could grow, making good quality paper, which would help to save some of our national forests. Therefore, they say that it would be very beneficial to legalise marijuana.



Paragraph(s) details reasons ‘against’ legalising marijuana
owever, those opposing legalisation raise a number of other points that suggest legal marijuana would not be a positive thing for our society. The most important of these is the health issue. Cannabis use has been clearly linked to psychosis and other mental health problems for some young people. It some tragic cases, it has led to suicide. The second factor is the link between marijuana and impaired driving ability. Already a lot of money is spent on educating drivers about alcohol-related accidents on our roads. Increased marijuana use would enlarge, not reduce, this problem. Therefore, opponents say it would be very unwise to legalise marijuana and increase its use.



Restates main points and gives the writer’s final opinion on the question or topic.
n conclusion, legalising marijuana may make life easier for some drug users, but would be giving approval to the drug culture. At the same time, it would mean ignoring a health hazard. A much better way to look after the health, future and well being of our society would be to put all our resources into a drug education strategy and healthy alternatives. The legalisation of marijuana is not the way forward.

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