Russian Government 1855 – 1964

Lesson No. 8 Activities

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Lesson No.



Explain that Lenin’s death led to a power struggle in the Soviet union with Stalin emerging victorious using some underhand tactics. His ideas on how The Soviet Union should develop in the future were summarised by the expression “Socialism in one country”. Use the sheet – What were the main features of “Stalinism”? to help the students write a definition of this in their exercise books.


  1. Read through the section on the “Stalinist” state and discuss means by which Stalin controlled the Soviet Union in the early part of his rule. Students need to make brief notes on each of the four areas in particular focussing on areas of similarity and difference between Stalin and previous rulers.

  2. Remind students of the work they have already done on agriculture and industry – The Five Year Plans and Collectivisation and issue sheet – Political factors. – students are to work in pairs and read through this sheet and list the political motives and consequences of Collectivisation and the Five Year plans. Students are to report back to the class in order to produce a definitive list of the political motives and consequences of these policies.


Did these policies strengthen the position of Stalin?

Areas of discussion / Parallels

  • Refer to work already done on agriculture and industry.

  • Nature of Stalin’s control compared to other rulers.

Stalin and Socialism in one country

Lesson Aims

  1. To appreciate the political motives behind Stalin’s domestic policies.

  1. To assess the effectiveness of these policies and analyse the similarities and differences compared with other rulers studies so far.


-What were the main features of “Stalanism”.

-Political factors

-Stalinist state – but probably won’t need this – useful reference for students.

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