Russian Government 1855 – 1964

Lesson No. 5 Activities

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Lesson No.


Go over the questions set for homework on the Dumas and introduce the idea that a political solution was not the only required to deal with the crisis of 1905.

  1. Issue sheet Stolypin and repression. Read and discuss.

  2. Refer to Oxley p72-75 – the students need to know the state of Russia going into WW1 and this section covers this very well – in particular you need to focus on industrial devpts and the harsh way the govt dealt with industrial unrest. Using this sheet and the work already completed on agriculture and industry students are to write a few paragraphs on the state of the Romanov dynasty in 1914 – was its fail inevitable?

  3. Issue sheet The First World War – students are to work out a timeline of the major events of the war which helped bring about the fall of the Romanov dynasty.

Areas of discussion / Parallels

  • Role of war

  • Comparison of the 3 tsars and their effectiveness as rulers.

The problems faced by Nicholas ll at the end of his reign
Oxley : pp70-75.

Lesson Aims

  1. To understand the policies of Stolypin.

  2. To understand how the state of the Romanov dynasty at the start of WW1.

  3. To understand how WW1 was the trigger of the fall of the Tsar.


- Info on Stolypin and repression from last lesson.

- The First World War

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