Russian Government 1855 – 1964

Lesson No. 3 Activities

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Lesson No.


Starter: Quick recap on the nature of A3’s rule. Purpose of today’s lesson is to decide whether this is justified and what impact Pobedonostev had on the future of Tsarism.

  1. Issue the sheet- Pobedonostev an unintentional destroyer of Tsarism. Students are to read and highlight this sheet picking out examples of laws and attitudes which sought to bolster A3’s autocratic rule.

  2. Referring to the work already done on agriculture and industry the class should discuss why these repressive policies created a problem for the regime. Was A3’s reign a lost opportunity? What problems did they create?

Areas of discussion / Parallels

  • Compare the policies of Pobedonostev and other tsarist advisers – e.g. Witte , Stolypin.

Role of Pobedonostev in the fall of Tsarism
Oxley : p49–51.

Lesson Aims

  1. To understand why the policies of Pobedonostev created long term problems for Tsarism.

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