Russian Government 1855 – 1964

Lesson No. 2 Activities

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Lesson No.


Starter: Quick recap on the nature of A2’s death and the impact this might have on the rule of his successor.

  1. Issue sheet – The situation facing Alexander lll in 1881.

Read through and highlight this sheet – it contains really useful comparisons between the 2 Tsars and should get the class thinking in the right kind of way to write successful essays.

  1. Issue sheets – The New Conservatism and the sheets from Bromley on minorities.

Students are to work on a set of revision notes on the main aspects of Alexander lll’s reign under the following headings :- The safeguard system

Land captains

Russification (focus on Poles,
Finns & Jews)



This should be completed for homework for next lesson.

Areas of discussion / Parallels

  • Compare the nature of repression and the A3 with that of Communist leaders – e.g. in their agricultural and industrial policies.

Alexander lll 1881-1894 – the return to repression

  1. To understand the motives behind A3’s policies.

  2. To learn what these policies were.

Oxley : pp43-46



The situation facing Alexander lll in 1881.

The New Conservatism Sheets from Bromley on minorities.

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