Russia 110829 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 110829

Basic Political Developments

  • Russia sending envoy to Damascus - Russia announced Sunday it is sending an unnamed top envoy to the Syrian capital on Monday.

    • Russia steps up UN battle over Syria - One Western diplomat called the Russian resolution "a maneuver to hijack the negotiations."
      Russian Ambassador to UN: Russia will send a representative to Syria, after disputes over sanctions.

    • ‘Free Syria: From whom? From what?’ - The reluctance of people to speak on camera is of little surprise, considering RT’s crew was followed by and armed military escort – the only way to get through to this part of the city.

  • Kremlin's Africa envoy alarmed by Nigerian islamists` influence on volatile Arab states

  • Libyan embassy in Moscow hoists rebels’ flag

    • Gaddafi's opponents' flag raised over Libyan embassy in Moscow

  • Mercenaries from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus may be acting in Libya, says Ukrainian MP - Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for National Security and Defense and former defense minister and leader of the Civil Position party Anatoliy Hrytsenko does not rule out the participation of Ukrainian, Russian or Belarusian mercenaries in the armed conflict in Libya.

  • Ukraine Still Seeking Deal on Trade With Russia

    • Kyiv and Moscow continue to negotiate via media as pressure rises

  • Ukraine ministry suggests sharp cuts in Russian gas consumption

    • Ukraine Seeks Azeri Gas to Cut Russian Imports, Kommersant Says

  • Blast in Kemer doesn't deter Russians from visiting Turkey - Russian Association of Tourist Operators

    • Tourists hurt in small blast on Turkish beach - The governor's office in nearby Antalya said in a statement that the cause of the small blast was as yet unclear, while Russia's Consul-General said a buried firecracker had exploded and seven Russian tourists had been injured by flying pebbles and gravel.

  • Cameron May Meet Russian Premier Putin on Moscow Trip Next Month - Cameron, whose September visit to Russia was announced in May, will travel to the Russian capital in the first half of the month for talks with President Dmitry Medvedev, two people familiar with the planning said. They declined to be identified because the exact timing of the trip isn’t public.

  • Int’l conference to discuss Russia-EU cooperation in Prague

  • EU, NATO reject Abkhazia elections

  • N.Korea's Air Force Chief with Kim Jong-il on Russia Trip

  • Reports of Small Arms Being Sold to Bahrain - State arms trader Rosoboronexport says it wants more business in Bahrain. The country is selling AK-103 Kalashnikovs with grenade launchers and ammunition for tens of millions of dollars to Bahrain, according to a person close to the Russian Defense Ministry who declined to be identified because the information is not public.

  • Pacific Fleet ships leave for Strait of Aden on anti-pirate mission

  • Russian rear service troops train in Leningrad Region - video note

  • Succesful Bulava launch at maximum flight range

  • Greece detains Russian wanted for arms trafficking - Police say Gavrilov allegedly participated in a deal involving 10,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles, purchased in Jordan and parachuted to the FARC in 1999. Former Peruvian spymaster Vladimiro Montesinos was sentenced in September 2006 to 20 years for masterminding the deal.

  • The bright side of the delayed frigate delivery to India - India has announced that Russia delayed its delivery of three frigates to the Indian Navy by over a year. Given the circumstances under which the contract was made and executed, the delay could have been even longer.

  • UNICEF pushing Russia out of donor programs - Russia’s top doctor

  • Moscow Crafting Its Own International Aid Agency - The Finance Ministry has drafted a proposal to establish the Russian Agency for International Development, which will be reviewed by the Cabinet, a ministry source said Friday.

  • State Duma starts autumn session

    • Decree on State Duma elections to be signed in meeting between president, party leaders - Communist Party

    • It is expected date to be fixed for State Duma elections

  • Medvedev to meet with leaders of all 7 registered parties in Sochi

  • United Russia to offer 3 candidates for St Petersburg governor - The candidates are Presidential Plenipotentiary Representative in the Central Federal District Georgy Poltavchenko, who is acting St. Petersburg Governor, Vice-Governor Mikhail Oseyevsky, who is the chief of the gubernatorial office, and Chairman of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Vadim Tyulpanov.

  • Blast hits police parking lot in Moscow

  • Blast occurs near Interior Ministry’s department in Moscow - An explosive device went off near the Interior Ministry’s department in Eastern Degunino, Moscow, the department’s press service told Itar-Tass on Monday.

  • No casualties reported in car blast in Tskhinval - A car was blasted in the capital of South Ossetia on Monday.

  • Russian sailing ship Pallada leaves Los Angeles for Honolulu

  • Snow in Altai mountains complicates search for Progress debris

  • Tests at likely Progress debris drop place expose no toxic agents

  • Militant killed in Derbent district of Dagestan

  • Preliminary court hearings in Nevsky Express blast case to begin

  • Muslims rioted on Russian island - About 500 workers and about 100 security guards have become parties to the conflict in the construction of the object of the APEC summit

  • Hundreds of wagons lined unloaded in Primorsky territory

  • Muslims mark Intl. Quds Day in Moscow - Hundreds of Muslims from Russia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Iran, Lebanon and Palestine held the anti-Israeli rally in Moscow on the last Friday of Ramadan, IRNA reported.

  • Grozny : A centre for the study of the Quran - under the assistance of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - has been opened in the Chechen capital city of Grozny.

  • Couple to be tried in Chita for inciting religious hatred

  • Patriarch to go on major pastoral trip in eastern Russia - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill will go on a major pastoral trip in East Siberia on Monday. He will visit Khakassia, Tuva, Magadan and Irkutsk for six days.

  • EMERCOM sends aircraft to put out wildfire in Tver region

    • Emergency over forest fires lifted in Yakutia

  • FSB stops activity of drug lab near Moscow - A major batch of amphetamine and almost 400 kilograms of chemical substances were seized there.

  • Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Russia - Aug 29

  • RIA Russian Press at a Glance, Monday, August 29, 2011

  • WikiLeaks declassifies the importance of Russia - Another batch of US correspondence is made public.

  • Russian megatons continue adding to megawatts - USEC Inc. has eliminated 425 metric tons of highly enriched uranium, the equivalent of 17,000 nuclear warheads, by converting it into fuel for commercial nuclear reactors.

  • Is Russia Going Green? Ask Vladimir Alexeyevich Smirnov - As Russian elections approach, a nation built on its relationship with rich energy sources looks closer at green energy.  Vladimir Alexeyevich Smirnov discusses. 

  • This Week in Review – Russia Profile

  • Right Cause Warns of a Monarchy in Kremlin

  • Hassan Haidar: Between Beirut and Moscow - Lebanon and Russia, despite the differences between them in terms of geography, size and interests, seem as if existing outside of time in the way they have been dealing with developments in the region. Indeed, they deliberately ignore what is happening and overlook facts that can no longer be denied, their consequences taken lightly and their strikingly rapid developments neglected. In spite of this, they refuse to admit that they must deal with the results, adapt to new factors and accept what is being defined by the wills of the peoples.

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