Russia 110420 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 110420

Basic Political Developments

  • Russia pulling out of $1B Western aid program that supported ex-Soviet weapons scientists - Russia is pulling out of a program that poured $1 billion from the U.S. government and other foreign donors into the research labs that built the Soviet Union's vast arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

  • Russia, China opposed to UN interference in Yemen - According to the Russian business paper RBC, the recent UN Security Council meeting in New York on Yemen restricted itself to appeals for restraint and for dialogue between the Yemeni authorities and the opposition.

  • Russia welcomes Syrian move - Earlier, in a telephone conversation with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev the Syrian leader Bashar Assad announced his intention to implement reforms.

  • Medvedev, Merkel discuss Libya, MidEast in phone talk - President Dmitry Medvedev and German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel had a telephone talk. They discussed the situation in Libya and around it, the state of affairs in the Middle East peace process, and a number of other regional problems, the Kremlin press service announced on Tuesday.

  • Pacific Fleet ships homebound after Gulf mission -  The Admiral Vinogradov anti-sub ship accompanied by a tanker and a tug-boat has successfully escorted 14 convoys of merchant ships through the pirate-infested Gulf over the past four months.

  • Russian tanker in distress at Kuril Islands - The main engine of the ship happens to be out of order. The crew have been unable to repair it so far.
    Russia urges int’l community not to fan tensions in Middle East – Lavrov

  • Russia FM, Macedonia leaders to discuss cooperation prospects - Lavrov's visit to Macedonia is timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Imperial Consulate -- the first official representative office of Russia in this part of the Balkans, which at that time was part of the Ottoman Empire.

  • Gas power plants and gas pipeline basis of agreement - Energy, construction of gas power plants and gas storage facilities at the ‘Southern Stream’ gas pipeline as well as its final route through Serbia shall be one of key items of strategic agreement between Russia and Serbia to be signed by the presidents Boris Tadic and Dmitri Medvedev in the following months during Serbian President’s scheduled visit to Moscow. Apart from cooperation in the sphere of energy, this bilateral agreement shall contain provisions over trade exchange and infrastructure.

    • Russian FM: Russia is willing to better its relations with all of the Balkan countries

    • Russian-Serbian craft fair opens in Belgrade

  • Russian-Ukraine naval cooperation - The Russian Defense Ministry will order AN-70 Russian-Ukrainian military transport aircraft according to Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. He made the statement at the end of his working visit to Ukraine.

  • Joint meeting Russian, Belarusian top Defense Ministry officials to mull cooperation prospects


  • Russia Criticizes NATO-Georgia Commission Statement - The Russian Foreign Ministry said a joint statement of NATO-Georgia Commission includes “usual set of biased wordings”, which were far from realities on the ground in respect of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

  • Smuggled Georgian mineral water found at Russian markets

  • Russia says bye to Kohno - The Japanese Embassy in Moscow hosted a reception in connection with the end the term of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Russia, Masaharu Kohno.

  • Russia will continue to assist Japan - Russia will continue to provide Japan with technical assistance in the aftermath of the accident at the Japanese nuclear plant Fukushima-1 said the director of the Institute for Nuclear Safety, Leonid Bolshov.

  • Radiation background normal in Russia’s Far East

    • Radiation background normal on Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula

  • June deadline for Belene contract not final - Bulgarian Economy Minister: "By June 1, we are demanding (from HSBC) a thorough and detailed analysis of what we expect from the other party and what they expect from us. We could hardly finish by then, especially if we get on to re-designing some parts of the project," Traikov said.

  • Rosatom to Bid in Argentina - "In June, Argentina will announce a nuclear power plant construction tender, in which Rosatom is also planning to participate," Komarov said.

  • Igor Sechin: There is no alternative to nuclear energy - Russia is sure that the future is in the construction of safe nuclear power plants, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin said on April 19 in Kyiv.
    The reactor of change - How the Japanese catastrophe will change Russia’s nuclear energy sector. By Vladimir Dzaguto

  • Medvedev beheaded Moscow OMON - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has dismissed several senior police officials and appointed head of the Investigative Committee of Russia (MRS). This was reported today the Kremlin press service.
    Medvedev submits protocol on Russian base deployment in Armenia for ratification

  • Russia Baits the Hook: Armenians Leave for the “Promised Land” - Participating in the program are 30 border districts in Russia and a number of selected cities in each. Those making the move are allowed to take their family and possessions with them, even the car, to the Russian city where they will work.

  • HIGHLIGHTS-Remarks by Russian PM Putin in annual report

    • Putin To Deliver Annual Economy Report To Parliament

    • 5th Duma to hear a report on govt activities Wed

    • Putin to show plans to spend windfall ahead of vote - Putin's last annual report to parliament before elections; Will discuss how to deal with windfall revenues; Spokesman says will not address 2012 election issue

    • Lawmakers cast critical eye over Putin ahead of parliament address

  • Rules Needed for Selecting State Firm Board Members - Russia needs rules for picking independent directors of state-controlled firms to reap the benefits from a decision to remove officials from boards, the head of the country's Independent Directors Association said.

    • Exodus of Ministers from State Companies – by Chris Weafer of UralSib

  • Federal wanted terrorist killed in Dagestan

    • Gunman killed in Dagestan turned out to be warlord henchman – NAK

  • Religious activist killed in Dagestan

  • Militant, two police officers and Muslim cleric killed in Russia’s North Caucasus

    • Russia: 4 people killed in Dagestan province


    • Militants from the Karachay-Cherkessia detained near Moscow

  • Magomedov meets Dagestan community in Moscow

  • Chechnya asks for $17bn in development funds

  • Politician's death near surgery clinic in Moscow being investigated

  • More patrols amid fears on Hitler anniversary - April 20 is always a worrying time for conspicuously foreign students in Moscow and after ethnic violence erupted onto the political agenda in December the government has been left looking ill equipped to deal with it.

  • 12 forest fires extinguished in Primorsky territory

  • Equatorial Guinean suspected robber at embassy detained in Moscow

  • Police detain 38 workers, 10 customs officers trying to steal seized goods

  • Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Russia - Apr 20


    • Russian IT company Sitronics (SITRIq.L) has won a Moscow city tender to develop a computerised system to rid the city of chronic traffic jams, the paper writes.

    • A prominent Russian music critic may go to prison for publicly criticising a traffic police officer who took part in an investigation of a deadly car accident involving the car of Lukoil's (LKOH.MM) vice-president, the daily writes.


    • Russians' real wages have been shrinking due to rising inflation over the last three months. People spend their savings and are burdened by credit, the paper writes.

    • Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sacked a top navy officer blamed for the delay in talks to buy French-built Mistral helicopter carriers, the paper reports.

    • Russia will need 2.6 trillion roubles ($92.39 billion) worth of investment to triple coal production by 2030 and increase coal exports by 1.5 times, the paper cites energy ministry.


    • Russia's troubled North Caucasus region of Chechnya asks for funds of 498 billion roubles ($17.70 billion) from Russia's central budget by 2025, the daily says.


    • Half of Russians drink water that does not meet drinking water standars, the daily writes.

    • A prominent doctor criticized corruption and low wages in the Health Ministry in front of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the daily writes.

  • RIA Russian Press at a Glance, Wednesday, April 20, 2011

  • Russia: Racism and abuse in asylum centres - A BBC investigation into Russia's treatment of asylum seekers has found disturbing evidence of neglect, abuse, and overt racial discrimination by officials. Our Moscow correspondent Daniel Sandford reports.

  • Destroyed by the Mistral - Negotiations on the sale of the French helicopter carrier could go back to the level of heads of state Dmitry Litovkin

  • Russia's Fading Army Fights Losing Battle to Reform Itself - By RICHARD BOUDREAUX

  • Russia’s “Spineless” Army: Paper Sergeants - By: Roger McDermott

  • Rights and the Right - The Government Is Making Conspicuous Attempts to Bring Nationalist Sentiment Under Control, Although the Latest Move May Not Have the Intended Result. By Tom Balmforth

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